Chronicles of Narnia

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  1. Anyone see this movie? I got my dad to toke up with me tonight, I bought a new bong two days ago and broke it in over the weekend. We decided to watch Chronicles of Narnia, and I went into it thinking that it was going to be shitty. Well it was one of the best movies I've ever seen. Talking animals, magic shit, beautiful scenery, and all.
  2. I saw it blazed, it was a little wierd, but overall i liked it alot. :D
  3. I remember readin that book years ago. I might have to check out the movie.
  4. word-

    i downloaded it but i havent really watched it yet- it seems trippy as fuuuck
  5. Apparently some people think that this is a drug movie aswell. There are points in the story that seem drug related, and there are a lot of metaphors n shit. Sort of like Alice in Wonderland, where the auhor mightve had some "influence" in making the story.
  6. "Chronic (WHAT!) Cles of Narnia"

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    haha gotta love SNL skits
  7. I felt terrible at the end of the movie, can they go back to Narnia or are they stuck as kids in WW2 again? Gah! All those things they experienced could be lost forever.
  8. yeah dude i loved that movie
  9. i went on like the thrid day it was out to the movies cross faded with some friends and all i can remember was when all of a sudden the beaver comes out from behind a rock, i started to laugh uncontrolably for like 15 min.

    if you guys enjoyed that movie, go get blazed and check out over the hedge. its the shit
  10. ya that movie is the shit books and plays were good too i remember going to them as a kid

    oh and riverside420, ya sure ya dont mean a lot of epople are saying its a biblical movie, because its supposed to be haha i havent heard the drug theory one yet lol sounds cool tho

    but ya a lot of stuff is biblical in the movie but its pretty good
  11. i got high watched it didnt understand wtf was goin on and at some point passed out the chick was pretty hot though
  12. ehh movie sucked

  13. There are seven books in the series, reading them will give you your answer or..

    SPOILER BELOW {Highlight the "empty" space}

    Yeah, they go back to Narnia.


    As for the movie. I liked it, but the movie could have been more like the book. It's not like the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe was as long as the Lord of the Rings.
  14. Thanks for telling me what happens, very relieving. :D
  15. I thought the special effects looked horrible. Even baked all I could think about was how much better all the previous fantasy movies that have come out recently look compared to that pile of shit.
  16. I don't usually watch "fantasy" movies so I don't have anything to compare it to.
  17. that was a terrible movie... totally wannabe lord of the rings action, and just fruity
  18. I smoked a strand called Chronic of Narnia once. It was some of the dankest shit I've ever smoked.
  19. I feel alot of these movies are drug movies because they let you see a world of magic the likes of which we only otherwise experience within our imaginations.  To me that is point of fairy tales and other such works of high fantasy (other worldly fantasy). I feel this is what society is missing; we are missing mystery and magic. Thats why shows like Adventure Time are such a hit. Just my opinion.
    You should totally read the rest of the books.  Most importantly the one before "The Lion, The Witch and The wardrobe"
    It tells the story of how Narnia was created and by whom, where the white witch came from and how she ended up in Narnia, and all that good stuff.
    The books definitely have a lot of biblical influence, including;  genesis(the creation of Narnia),  Jesus (Aslan as i see it), being born again through jesus,  noahs ark, false prophets, the devil (that bird guy),  the end of the world and acceptance into heaven, ect. 
    tried not to spoil too much, just some teasers : P
    Books are the shit.

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