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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Duckyx, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Alright, iv been smoking for many years, and over the years iv heard so many different thoaghts of chronic are, Im actually unsure my self. Iv heard things like...

    Chronic is a cross breed with the coca plant, or mixed with coke.
    Chronic is neon green and smells of lime,
    is been laced with embalming fluid. formaldehyde (also heard this as aqua buds)
    the dankest of dank weed.
    weed just named chronic so its sold. iv seen many different weeds called chronic, all smelled different, it was danks. but i think its just names people make up so sell the weed.

    What are your guys 2 cent on this CHRONIC?
  2. Where im from its just what we refer to weed as nothing special about it.
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    Im pretty sure Chronic is just dank or better. It might have been like a really popular plant back when marijuana first started becoming used a lot idk.

    Personally I like classifying weed in this way, worse to best.

    schwag, low mids, mids/regs, high mids/regs, beasters, and dank/fire.

    Personally I think the term chronic is to general. Its like if someone says, "hey I have some chronic, you want to buy some?" This could mean anything really, they could even say how much it is, but you really dont know what the quality is.

    All I can get my hands on atm is mids/HQ Mids, not quite beasters but its better then mids.
  4. yeah same here. we have dirt, mids, chronic and if the weed is really good most of the time they know(90% of the time is BS) the strain.
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    When ever i classify buds, its mids/KB/Danks/hydros. but when my dealer says chronic, its like ok, show me. I only buy on the looks/smell
  6. Never understood why they call it dank. Dank has a negative connotation in the english dictionary IMO.
  7. Embalming fluid is not formaldehyde. You will be poisoned if you smoke formaldehyde. Embalming fluid is slang for PCP.
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    All that crap is so crazy.

    Dude it's nothing serious. Well it's sorta serious. It's a strain sold by "Serious Seeds" one of the finest seed banks out there. In the mid 90's when indoor bud was being sold on a commercial level for the first time the growers really had two options. A high potency lower yielder like afghani or a high yielder with low potency like Big Bud. Chronic was an attempt at making a high yielding cash crop strain with better potency.

    It worked, and caught on, and became big stuff back in the day. Lots of commercial growers sold "chronic". And just became slang for weed because of rap songs, and culture. Just like today. "Kush" refers to the Hindu Kush mountain range in the middle east and is just a broad description for many of the indica/hashplants that were taken from the area.

    Chronic, Kush, Haze, Beaster, they are all just terms like "Kleenex". What you mean to say is a nasal tissue but because of brand identity we eventually start stretching what the word actually means until we forget "Kleenex" is actually the brand, not the nasal tissue itself.

    Likewise all of those words are just slang on the street. Even though all 4 are completely different and unique types of weed originating from different parts of the country and really shouldn't be confused at all.

    If you want more info google Simon and "Serious Seeds Chronic ".
  9. "And a phat ass J of some bubonic chronic that made me choke. Shit this ain't no joke"
    Then something about bitches in the living room gettin it on and so forth.

    I just thought the chronic was some fire ass ganja man.

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