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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Frosty, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. weed laced with coke (at least that's what kids around here call it)...

    has anyone done it, i'm gonna be this friday just wondering what i have to look forward to
  2. A horrible life and an endless struggle with addiction.

    Just fuckin' round. I think coke is dirty as fuck, but you'll get high. Numb as shit. That shit's called cocoa puffs from my neck of the woods. 'Chronic' is just dank-as-fuck-weed.

    Good lord I'm stoned.

  3. yea smae here.... *loads the last of my shit*

  4. same here.... cali chronic = sic budds...... chronic = coke laced weed
  5. chronic here is just bombass weed,
    joints laced with coke are corndogs, and bowls are called snowbowls. ive smoked a corndog and ill tell you what, you could have hit me in the face with a tackhammer and i wouldnt have felt it lol.

    you dont get the same intense effects from smoking coke as you would from snorting or freebasing (i.e. crack) so theres a small chance of addiction
  6. Ya Chronic is Dank weed, Manitoba it goes for 10$ (CAN) for a gram of Chron, Mostly AK-47, but seen some skunk goin around, good shit, havent seen alot of Hybrids tho.

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