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Chronic pain

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana News' started by Gmaster1874, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. I am getting a Florida marijuana doctor and card need any information what to ask for in prescription to trulieve dispensary for extreme chronic pain arthritis to fibromyalgia, also ha've sleep apathy high bp bipolar level 2 high anxiety bodor line personality disorder and acha pain has taken over my life 8 major auto accidents and 8 major surgeries 3 ROTAR CUFF, 2 BACK SURGERIES, 3 KNEE surgery and a recent KNEE REPLACEMENT what thx or cod would work best for my pain any info would help please
  2. Not sure what's available in FL but I suffer from chronic pain in the form of arthritis in my spine, hips, and ribs with fibromyalgia on top of that. My best form of medicine is a THC infused oil taken orally. Focus on indicas because they target body pain better and sativas generally will cause more anxiety (I too have anxiety problems). Continuous use of CBD should help with minor to moderate arthritis pain and could help you take sativas more effectively which can be a good thing because sativas are generally more energizing and can help you be more productive on days you need to be. Good luck
  3. I'm an advanced arthritis patient with a prosthetic hip, bad joints everywhere and secondary spinal neuropathy symptoms. Best pain mitigation I've found is ingesting high-CBD strains green (NOT de-carbed). The Wife we have available here locally is fantastic. Note the 4.9 rating - RARE, for good reason. Very little high, soothing relaxation.
  4. Good to know. I can't wait until I move to a legal state and can medicate even better!
  5. Go for a hybrid during the day and a heavy indica at night
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  6. Does any company ship some of these CBD strains? It would be legal, wouldn't it, since it's technically hemp?
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    Saying "use a hybrid for..." is like telling someone with an infection to use an antibiotic. There are dozens of antibiotics, only a few of which might be appropriate for a specific condition.

    This why most budtenders I've seen are basically FoS: They are typically college kids or other youngsters who either pretend to be some sort of Marijuana expert, or just spout the typical generalities with vague, mostly useless suggestions.
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  8. I said a hybrid would be good because it will effect mind and body more than likely elevating pain better. Mind distraction and a body high works for my back pain.
    If you’d prefer me name strains I can do that too.
    Headband is great for back pain, og kush day or night it’s a perfect strain, sour bubba starts off full of energy and leaves ya on the couch great for afternoon, harlequin don’t think I need to justify the use of it, AC/DC if your just starting out and need to get use to feeling high use it, blue dragon is amazing from head to toe, God’s gift ya wanna be asleep in 30 minutes no problem it’s pretty similar to a muscle relaxer, blackwater your out in 20 minutes after a few hits, blue berry even ppl who don’t smoke know what it is it’s a classic, gg4 perfect if ya want to relax, or medo purp will have u pain free and relaxed enough to crash on the couch.
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  9. There's a way to find your optimal THC/CBD ratio, just buy a small quantity of a high CBD strain and mix it with a sativa with mostly THC.

    One thing I've found with using a high percentage of CBD was that it gave me headaches. It's not for everyone. Tbh the feeling of smoking high CBD was like smoking hemp. So now I smoke sativas that contains around 1% CBD or less, and 20-25% THC. Haze strains are great for energizing.
  10. High CBD strains of cannabis are from the cannabis plant, not the hemp plant. They still have some THC in them, usually under 2%, but they are still considered cannabis
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    Gotchya, thanks! I suppose that's why my CBD oils taste so terrible
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  12. According the leafly, Hemp is the same species. Hemp is classified as anything with a content of 0.3% THC or less. There are plenty of strains that meet those requirements, and certain state require lab testing on all flower they sell. So why aren't these dispensaries selling these strains online for shipment since they meet the legal requirements of being hemp?
  13. There's a lot of controversy, conspiracy and outright BS surrounding our favourite plant.

    Cannabis sativa has been employed for thousands of years, primarily as a source of a stem fiber (both the plant and the fiber termed “hemp”) and a resinous intoxicant (the plant and its drug preparations commonly termed “marijuana”). Studies of relationships among various groups of domesticated forms of the species and wild-growing plants have led to conflicting evolutionary interpretations and different classifications, including splitting C. sativa into several alleged species. This review examines the evolving ways Cannabis has been used from ancient times to the present, and how human selection has altered the morphology, chemistry, distribution and ecology of domesticated forms by comparison with related wild plants. Special attention is given to classification, since this has been extremely contentious, and is a key to understanding, exploiting and controlling the plant. Differences that have been used to recognize cultivated groups within Cannabis are the results of disruptive selection for characteristics selected by humans. Wild-growing plants, insofar as has been determined, are either escapes from domesticated forms or the results of thousands of years of widespread genetic exchange with domesticated plants, making it impossible to determine if unaltered primeval or ancestral populations still exist. The conflicting approaches to classifying and naming plants with such interacting domesticated and wild forms are examined. It is recommended that Cannabis sativa be recognized as a single species, within which there is a narcotic subspecies with both domesticated and ruderal varieties, and similarly a non-narcotic subspecies with both domesticated and ruderal varieties. An alternative approach consistent with the international code of nomenclature for cultivated plants is proposed, recognizing six groups: two composed of essentially non-narcotic fiber and oilseed cultivars as well as an additional group composed of their hybrids; and two composed of narcotic strains as well as an additional group composed of their hybrids.​

    Hope this helps,
  14. That still supports what I'm saying though. Who cares if there's some speculation on how it should be classified botanically speaking. The law (AFAIK) only makes the distinction between the two plants by THC content, therefore the flower should be available country wide
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  15. All of the high CBD strains in the dispensaries near me are well over .3 percent thc
  16. Maybe that's a reflection of the dispensaries you visit? Certainly not all carry these strains, but if you are seeking them out they can be found without too much trouble
  17. I just know that the dispensaries near me that have high CBD strains like harlequinn or haleys comet still have THC percentages in the 1-2% range. Definitely nothing available in a medical dispensary in NJ under .3%
  18. I didn't even know NJ had med. Is this new?

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