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chronic marijuana abuse linked to severe vomiting...?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thekeeftheif, May 12, 2010.

  1. so within the past month I have had a number of episodes where I get up in the morning and feel very nauseated and sometimes I would even throw up. My doctor doesn't know what the deal is, they thought it was sinus' draining into my stomach but now we just aren't too sure. i seem to be getting better though with time. however, my mom showed me this article:

    Chronic marijuana abuse linked to severe vomiting | Reuters

    and claimed that could be why I was throwing up. so I figured I'd see what you seasoned tokers have to say about this since, according to the article, to suffer from this requires "several years of marijuana use."

    in relation to me... i don't think I suffer from it (if it really exists), since I have only been smoking for a little over a year. not to mention i shower in the mornings and the showers never really help me when I think about it.

    so i guess I just want to see yalls opinions on this
  2. The only time that me or anyone has experience the urge to vomit is after we all ate some really potent brownies. :hello:

    (totally worth it though)
  3. R u pregrant? jk man. mayb lay off da bud 4 a bit & c if it is the weed
  4. been smoking 27 years, never happened to me.
  5. I do have a friend with a 'mystery' illness, where he feels nauseous a lot of the time, especially when he wakes up. He pukes.. A LOT. He's been to multiple doctors, had lots of tests and they can't figure out anything. He's a super heavy smoker.

    His father who has been smoking for probably 30+ years and goes through about an ounce a week has a similar problem.

    Related to marijuana? maybe

    Or maybe it's just some genetic thing. I dunno.
  6. I hate when people write articles like the one your mom showed you, and you posted here.

    It seems totally ludicrous to me , I have been smoking 15 years, and I have seen someone vomit from marijuana 2 times. BOTH times were caused from violent coughing. And there were no lingering effects afterward.

    Seems totally bogus to me, however, maybe you or the gentleman in the article had some sort of sensitivity or allergic reaction to marijuana , although it seems weird after 6 years of smoking (article).

    Perhaps the doctors need to be better at there job and find out what the mystery illness is , rather than just pinning it on something easy like Marijuana.

    Hope you figure it out, and hope its not the Marijuana !

    Good luck
  7. OP

    I have pretty much the same problem. And I sent you a PM because i dont want to have to read thru everyone saying its not weed. Cuz it very well could be!
  8. It's hard to tell, I wouldn't count on it being the bud though. People these days try to link everything that happens to bud. If you smoke bud and then have a seizure they will probably try to blame it on it.
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    ^ I also feel like some people and advocates for legalization are too quick to dismiss any kind of problems with weed and tout it as the wonder drug with absolutely no ill effects. I know so many people that are super belligerent with their 'weed couldn't possibly cause any problems' attitude

    Most people eventually make it past their naivety.

    It's not people who throw up while high, and the article doesn't suggest it happens to everyone. It's just a potential long term problem.

    If it is the weed that's causing the problem for the family I know ( like I said they've had MULTIPLE tests and spent thousands trying to figure out the problem), maybe it's some kind of genetic predisposition to it developing over time. Who knows?

    Even if they found out it was marijuana, I know that neither of them would give it up.

    Weed has been studied more than other drugs, but still not enough to automatically go assuming that it's complete perfection and doesn't have the potential to cause any kind of long term effects.
  10. Only time I have thrown up from Marijuana is when I had a chest cold, and would cough so hard it would trigger my gag reflex.
  11. Only time I throw up is off a huge bong when I take a hit I can't handle
  12. The only time I threw up was in Colorado. The elevation was extremely high and that contributed to a very intense high that ended up with me praying to the porcelain goddess. I wonder if you can be allergic to cannabis? That's always a possibility.
  13. Keep in mind that the OP isn't referring to the problem of vomiting while high

    It's more of a mystery illness of being nauseous upon waking up.... sober.

  14. Yeah, I got that. I'm just wondering if this could be caused by an allergic reaction to Cannabis?
  15. It used to happen to me, but I stopped eating a lot right before bedtime and that fixed it
  16. I think the safest answer here would be to conclude what is known and accepted by damn near everyone in the medical community.

    Everyone reacts to things being ingested into the body differently. We are all as unique as a fingerprint when it really comes down to it.

    That being said, the key to balance in life with damn near anything and everything is moderation. Yeah, I enjoy my weed, but honestly unless you have a severe medical condition, there really is no viable reason to be going through a zip of dank in a week. That's a bit much. Sure, there are some here that are going to disagree with that.

    To be quite honest, if this is in fact true, I'd say that vomiting is a pretty fucking minor side effect when you listen to the speed-talkers rattle off the "possible side effects may include" warnings on TV and the radio with legal drugs.
  17. me too i do have stomach discomforts on mornings, iit hurts or it feels weird. Although before weed i think it could be related to: tobacco smoking, my MCdiet ( i eat a lot of junk food, luckily enough i got weird genes that never go fat, like go figure i weight 130 pounds and i eat like a crazy mofo) but i disgress, lots of things could cause it, just make sure its really not weed.
  18. exactly. like i said lately it's been getting better; for instance this morning i woke up nauseated but it passed in about 10-15 minutes. at times, the nausea sticks around all the way till around 2-4pm. if i throw up in the morning due to being so nauseated, the nausea ceases.

    thing is i don't blaze down that much.. i do it daily but only around a gram over the course of 2-3 days. varies on the weekends, but is typically more like .75-1.0 a day.

    also here is how the throw up session goes down every time:

    i puke up very nasty tasting vomit that usually doesn't have much in the ways of food particles in it, and it's not a whole lot of vomit. lot of liquid to it, sometimes apple sauce like. so the thing is it's not like i'm throwing up meals and stuff or a lot. the second round, which there is a second round every time, is what seems to be like snot being thrown up, but i've heard snot looks like bile so it could just be bile, which is thrown up when your stomach has nothing else to throw up. and since it doesn't look like i throw up much to begin with, it could very well be bile. we use to be almost certain it was snot and then that's why me having a sinus infection made so much sense. but now we're just not too sure anymore :/
  19. Could be down to an allergic reaction but as has been said, it sounds unlikely. It could be that your body reacts badly to ingesting smoke? Try out vaping and see if it still happens...

  20. I had this! From september (09) throught till this january, i threw up every morning. A lot. I, too, speculated on whether or not it was tha cause.

    Long story short I met with a GI specialist who told me how to help myself.

    First! Don't eat a lot of food befote bed! I know the munchies can be hard to handle sonetimes, but try eating only half a bag of chips instead of 4. If you're blocked up in the morning it can make you feel sicker. Stay away from fried foods or white bread (aka cardboard) as well.

    Step 2! Take fiber! Metamuscil (sp) worked for me! Make sure you shit at least once a day!

    Step final! Enjoy not being sick! The doc told me 'a happy bowel is a happy person', and it was TRUE!

    Sadly, I didn't catch the name of the virus, because the doctor had a very thick accent.

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