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Chronic hives?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by irishndfan2, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Has marijuana use been study and shown to help with chronic hives? I have suffered from breaking out into hives on and off for about 8 years. When i was a freshman in high school i occassionaly broke out into severe hives all over my face, back, neck, and chest. I passed over it through my sophomore year but then in my junior year i was hit by it severely. Im talking every single day i went to school i would break out into hives, several times during the school year. It was terrible every kid at lunch would be like whats wrong man whats wrong. And then of course everybody would draw attention to me making it worse. I even had started running to the bathroom so noone would see me(i know pretty depressing). Well anyways towards the end of my junior year I started smoking marijuana occasionally. I found that I stopped breaking out into hives as much and then as summer rolled along i pretty much stopped all together. When senior year came around I no longer broke out into hives. I stopped smoking though because my high school did random drug testing. I was hive free all the way into late summer. I then went to college, where i am now, and since the beggining of college my hives have started to come back. I have only been able to smoke cannabis a few times since ive been here becuase my school has a zero tolerance policy, and its not worth getting kicked out. My question to you all is could the cause of my hives going away be contributed to marijuana? Unfortunatley I do not live in a medical marijuana state, but I was wondering if doctors do subscribe patients to medical Marijuana for chronic hives?

  2. No...
  3. yea i just researched it, although thats the beauty of cannabis, it is a medicine with so many more capabilities that we don't even know about. I believe that my hives subsiding can be attributed to cannabis. Ive tried multiple allergy medicines and none have worked. Also they say chronic hives can be because of stress, well first off I dont think mine are caused because of stress, but obviously cannabis relaxes you. I think mine has to do with my skin and its reaction to sweat.
  4. Could be that the MJ gave you the relax that you needed and helped keep you less stressed :confused:. Not sure though
  5. maybe, but honestly I think my hives were more of chemical reaction in my skin, cause honestly it got to the point where i would be in public, and i would start thinking about breaking out into hives, and it would then begin to happen. So i dont think that was stress related. But all i can say is marijuana deff helped me so I think it could be the reason why it went away.
  6. Did you see an allergist at all?
    I've had hives plenty of times, but food allergies were the culprit.

    I think going after the CAUSE rather than just using a REMEDY is a more logical approach to the situation. See what's causing it, you know?? ;) If you have allergies, they can worsen with time and that can be very dangerous if you get hives in your esophagus and can no longer breathe. :eek: Go see a doc if you haven't already! :cool:
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  8. hi,
    [FONT=&quot]Hives is really a allergic disease which is caused by allergy of some foods or medicine but it can be treated effectively. Oxyhives is the one of the best treatment for hives on skin. it is a natural homeopathic treatment which helps to get prevent from the symptoms of hives like red rashes on skin, red bumps or itching skin. Oxyhives is just a spray of mouth under the tongue which will go to the different parts of the body to cure from the hives. it completes its works without any side effects. you can confidently use this treatment to get quickly prevention from the hives and can also suggest your relatives or friends to go through this treatment.
  9. Ok folks, you are perpetuating some misinformation. I am a nurse and have had chroniic urticaria/hives. First off, it is an autoimmune disorder it is not caused by stress, allergies (though they may worsen it---)normal hives can be caused by this but not chronic urticaria---autoimmune. Second, who cares if its not on the list chronic urticaria causes stomach pain, hot flashes, headachache, extreme itchiness and is severly emotionally disturbing cause you look like you have aids. I started to use marijuana when i first got sick and it helped me with depression that resulted from social isolation. Give the man some weed, who cares...
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