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Chronic Cough after 4 months use?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Battles, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. I've been smoking for about 4-5 months not continuously, sometimes however it is continuously, I also take 2 week breaks at times to keep my tolerance low, however i've developed this pesky chronic cough that won't go away. It gets worse at night and sometimes I release phlegm. I have friends who have been smoking for years without any cougs. Could this be related to my pot smoking?
  2. Do you smoke cigs too? i suppose its possible that the MJ contributes, everyones physiology is different, you may be more sensitive to smoke /butane from the lighter than your friends....or it could be completely unrelated, in either event you may want to see a doc...just to narrow it down and rule out anything serious.

    I for one have smoked regularly for the past year i never have issues with coughing/phlem, so its hard to say, i do hope it clears up for you though man!!:( doesn't sound fun
  3. it can be. but id say its not just weed. you might have been slowly devolping a breathing problem. i went to the docters like 5 months ago and i didnt smoke then, and when he made me take deep breaths in he told me it sounded like i was begining to get asthma. i still dont think i have it but i deff cant run long hahah. but i am getting off track. anyway i dont think weed alone would make you cough like that. but if you smoke anything else then its probably that. ex: cigs, cloves, b&ms
  4. After a few years of smoking multiple times a day every day I developed a cough but after a few months of only smoking before bed it went away
  5. Just go to a doctor. He knows more about "chronic coughs" than a marijuana smoking forum.
  6. Do you make homeade plastic pieces often? Or use a glass piece? Make sure the materials you use to smoke out of our non-toxic.
  7. happened to me... I narrowed it down to the fact that I was noobishly swallowing smoke... the afterburn made me cough and develop temporary phlegm too... went away after I stopped for a while and drank plenty of water.
  8. Thanks for the input guys, I don't smoke cigs and I drink plenty of water and take daily jogs as well so I doubt that's the problem. But just to be safe I think i'll make an appointment with my doctor. However Von Dooms explanations could be it...... I do sometimes by mistake swallow smoke. Oh and I smoke out of glass only so that can't be it.
  9. Do you smoke out of bowls or bongs?
    bowls tend to be harsher on the throat, lungs. That could be irritating your wind pipe or lungs.

    Maybe a bong will better suit you. Get an ice catcher in their to smooth out the smoke.
    Sorry 'bout your cough. Halls and any other type of cough suppresent should help you until you figure out your prob.

    Good luck!
  10. My Fiance has been smoking for years but just started coughing a ton recently we ended up switching to a vaporizer a month or so ago and now its totally gone. Of course this isnt really a solution everyone would want to spend their money on but it would seem the cough was pot smoke related.
  11. dude you got to just go to the doctor none of theese people can really help you
  12. i hear ya i always get a bad cough late at night or in the morning lots of phlem and crap I also sometimes swallow smoke :devious:
  13. Try using cleaner heat while smoking. Smoke better weed. No grit weed.
  14. Would you just cut out the "go see the doctor shit"? I have been there. Been seeing these doctors for my chronic cough for more than 10 years. First they thought it was asthma, then GERD, then sleep apnea and gave me a CPAP, then finally gave up. I saw more than four separate physicians, OK? The medical establishment knows very little about this stuff.
  15. Cant believe I posted in this thread 6 years ago haha.

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