Chronic Commercial strain?

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  1. I am looking into buying some seeds online, and am looking into the highest yielding ,with still dank bud. I have LSD right now i am giving a shot. I want to experiment with others. Any ideas?

    Thanks GC :cool:
  2. Northern lights X BigBud is a great commercial strain. Check WhiteLabel seeds on attitude.
  3. hell ya bro, thats what i got for my outdoors. and for indoor i got northern lights from royal queen seeds and they're growing NICE!
  4. Yeah, I was going to recommend big bud and god bud. I personally love growing C99. It grows really fast, flowers in 7 weeks and clones easy too.
  5. Thanks guys, any more strains?
  6. critical mass from mr. nice or whiterussian from serious do good for me.
  7. there's a strain called snocap that has very high yields and high potency. it's just not a high demand strain with everyone having "kush fever" here in cali, if you can find snocap you won't be dissapointed. blue dream also has high yields and buds are frosted. blue dream is just really stretchy but does produce A+ quality. a commercial grower friend of mine loves growing blue dream and snocap due to their high yields but there's little demand for them, everyone wants a kush strain.
  8. I tried to grab a Snow Cap clone at the club, but my stoner ass picked up the clone right next to what I was looking at. I got home and saw I had Lemon Wreck instead, lol.

    You're right. Snow Cap is a high yielding, good strain. It tastes piny and like licorice, and most people are looking for skunky and fruity. The snow cap kind of tastes like Trainwreck IMO.
  9. I didn't really care for growing out snocap.

    Jack the ripper though by tga is an indestructible strain. Nice yields awesome quality. I was so happy with this strain I bought half of the tga menu lol
  10. Still debating on what to get... :confused:
  11. Get one of everything listed above, then cross them with each other and grow the dankest bud known to man.
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    I've been looking in too Heavy Duty Fruity,

    anyone grown this strain or heard any good reviews on it???
  13. Read some smoke reports and journals...that's a good way to decide. There's hundreds of reputable breeders and thousands of strains. You can't really go to wrong.

    I personally don't breed just because there is tons of breeders who have run hundreds of generations looking for the prime male and female traits just to bring you one plant of bomb ass weed...they take the hard work out of it all u have to do is pop the seed and grow easy peasy.
  14. Well GC i am debating on getting TH seeds Heavy Duty Fruity or Sensi seeds Big bud, OR Critical Mass.
  15. Big Bud and Northern Lights x Big Bud are about as commercial as you can get.
  16. I have been readin the grow bible and it was sayin Dutch passions blueberry and also their mazar are both highly recommended. When I bought my grow setup It came with two seeds, one is Dina fem critical Jack and the other one is DNA fem rocklock. Has anyone grown these before and are they good? Attitude seed says they are good but I figured the place that sells them would say that.
  17. kush is the way to go commercialy . at least the west coast ( cali ) you will sell everything in one day

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