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Chronic Bronchitis from weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Thebud81, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. Hey guys first post here, I've been smoking out of bongs and pipes for about four years now. Throughout the last year I would say I have smoked at least 3 times a day. Now about every couple months I have gotten sick and what look like the symtoms to chronic bronchitis (coughing up mucus, stopped up, etc...) I have heard a vaporizer is the way to go but for now should I stop smoking for awhile or can anybody relate to this?
  2. I've been a daily smoker for years now, and I find that smoking does cause bronchitis I'm not too sure why but at least for me it has maybe I'm wrong though, id say either stop till your done with the meds of what have you and or switch to a vaporizer
  3. Interesting, I know people who have been smoking weed for like 40 years. Never heard of them getting bronchitis ever.
  4. Everybody's different. You're inhaling a substance, nobody can tell me there is zero effect there. I don't feel it and I'm a cigarette smoker (quitting today btw.) Take your body's cues, if you're sick lay off.
  5. hey, idk if weed caused it or I got sick or there was a lot of dust in my room but I got bronchitis when I was smoking a lot during winner '15.
    at first I thought it was just a cold and toughed it out by smoking more and using the smoking to hack out any bad mucus and shit.
    then the weird gurgle breathing happened and I went to the doctors and I had (not chronic but a degree lower) bronc so I took inhaler and liquid medicine.
    like I said I have no idea what is the root cause of me being sick but the hacking up mucus through smoking actually helped my illness.

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