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Chronic backpain in MI

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by getzlifted, May 12, 2010.

  1. I live in michigan and i've been looking into medical mj for awhile now but i'm not to sure still about if i'm fully eligible. Last summer i was riding mopeds and crashed and i landed on my back resulting in a pretty bad injury i went to the hospital to get it checked out and everything seemed fine but ever since then the back pain i experience has turned from a once in a while thing to an all day every day thing. I use mmj right now to medicate instead of taking pills because i'd rather smoke somthing natural, it works very well with my back pain almost curing it instead of masking it. Do you think i qualify or do you have any information that could be helpful i'd really appreciate it!
  2. You'll need to follow-up with your doctor and preferably get prescribed pain pills so that you can get the script to take to a doctor that prescribes MMJ so you can get your recommendation. You should also get the records from the doctor's visit. You ask for a copy of your records for (give the date) for personal use. There is a slight fee. And then you pick it up and make an appointment with a doctor that recommends MMJ.

  3. Also a good idea to talk with your doc, he may just write you a recommendation to go to the thc clinic with, if he does... then ur approved very quikly..make sure to explain to him you have researched what pills do to your kidneys and liver.. I had a dr recom letter and it was seemless....good luck buddy..hope the pain goes away..
  4. If you are not being prescribed painkillers talk with you regular doctor. Have several appointments always mention the pain you are in and your dislike of pain meds. The chronic pain needs to be documented in your records. Ask your regular doctor if he would recommend medical marijuana, if he won't take copies of your chart notes to one of the many MMJ doctors. You should be good to go.
  5. Im so glad someone else said it b4 me. So many people are trying to get cards saying ive used it for years, while never mentioning pain to my doctor.... you must have it established I myself have been going to the doctors for my migraines for about ten years. ahlf dozen types of muscle relaxers and just as many narcotic pain killers..."sorry doc they dont work and tear up my stomach" he said "well i dont know what we can do?" "I do doc".... just as easy as that.:smoking:

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