Chromium Crusher vs Sharpstone

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by WEEirDo, May 29, 2009.

  1. Which should I get. My cousin has the sharpstone and it works pretty good. Im getting one of them from a headshop in town for like $25, I might get a smaller grinder to save money, are there any downsides besides less weed that can be grinded at a time with a smaller grinder?
  2. well unless your mass grinding(not sure why you'd need to) then it'll be fine.
  3. Which brand :confused:
  4. Either one. They're about the same. Two nice mid-range grinders.
  5. i have a 4 piece crusher and i absolutely love it. picked it up online for 25 bucks. shoot me a pm if you want the link. but chances are, you'll get it at cost or cheaper at the headshop.
  6. I just got a SharpStone and it's nice. Need to go get the Anodized one.
  7. Sharpstone from ebay, very cheap and quality grinder.

    A space case is even better, but a bit more expensive. One of those would be your best bet.
  8. I've owned one of each, both in 2.5in. The two companies are on par with each other, but I think I like the Sharpstone cause i got it for a bit less, but you can get really good deals on ebay :)
  9. got my chromium crusher today and it works amazingly

    get a crusher
  10. I can vouch for crushers as well, you won't regret it
  11. grab a titanium crusher off ebay... not the aluminum ones (flakes)

    crusher and space case now use titanium zinc
  12. Love my crusher. 4pc large. I put the whole nug in there or multiple ones even and it demolishes them with an easy turn. Lots of keif too but make sure you do the nickel trick on the screen. So sweet.:D
  13. i got a crusher 5 piece (came with 2 screens? i just took one out and keep it as a backup) ... the only downside i see with it is that it doesn't hold a ton... not a huge issue though... holds enough for 2-3 bowl packs so you'll be fine with that :)
  14. finer keif i think
  15. i am going to buy a grinder and these were the two brands i can't decide on.
    We all know that the aluminum scraps are bad, but does anyone know if titanium zinc is any better(if there are any flakes)?
  16. My Crusher doesn't gather enough keif for my tastes. My buddy has a Space Case, dear god that think collects.
  17. I would also get a space case if you want the best, but between these two, but i can say my chromium crusher is great too.
  18. $15 Sharp Crusher 4pc Steel + Zinc
    $18 Sharp Crusher 5 pc Steel + Zinc
    $19 Chromium Crusher 4 pc Steel + Zinc
    $30 Chromium Crusher 5 pc Steel + Zinc ---------------Titanium Crusher 4 pc Titanium
    $45 Got Vape 4 pc Titanium
    $70-90 Space Case 4 pc Titanium

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