Chromium Crusher or Mendo Mulcher?

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  1. how is the keif collecting in the two piece though? is it still good enough to where i would i still have keif, im a recreational smoker so im not looking to have tons of keif but some would be nice to enjoy every now an then. :bongin:
  2. 2 peice = no keif

    correct me if im wrong though
  3. No, though keif does stick to certain parts of the grinder(on a 2 or 4 piece, but 2 piece in this case), its hard to collect without making qwiso hash with. making qwiso is not hard at all, and requires just a few cheap supplies.
  4. Dude, if you're gonna spend $20+ you have to get something with a kief catcher.

    And to the dude with the $50 Chromium Crusher - where'd you get that? Cause mine was only $20 on eBay.

    I'm having 2nd thoughts about my CC now. It doesn't collect kief well anymore, and it's grinding 'skillz' aren't as good as they used to be (I have to use a little metal stick to push the bud through the holes sometimes...super annoying).

    Definitely looking to upgrade.
  5. Not everyone wants keif.

    Spikey: the best is Space Case! There's nothing that is of better quality, grinder wise, and a real one will last a lifetime.

  6. They're just kinda pricey :/. TY for the advice though! I'll probably be getting a new grinder in the next 6 months or so.
  7. Look, you got one that WASN'T pricey, and it wore down. If you get a REAL Space Case, you'll get what you'll pay for, and you most likely will never have to worry about getting another grinder unless its lost/stolen.
  8. I know sharpstone isn't 'the best' but mine has worked fine, had no problems with flakes after initial cleaning after i got it. never had to open the top and poke the bud through, and i can see all the action goin down, and it has a sick 'grinding mill' handle, check it out:

    2.5" Large Clear Top with Mill Handle 4 Piece Black Sharpstone Grinder

    mine is the same, but is all copper in color. Had it for a year now, no problems. You can find them on ebay for like 35 bucks :D
  9. i have a chromium crusher, never owned any other grinder. works great. don't know what else you could ask for, really. makes kief, grinds weed, no metal flakes.

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