Christmas presents

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  1. image-1087117622.jpg




    diesel brand bubbler with a bowl I got from a Local headshop





    Honeycomb to showerhead I got myself for Christmas:D illusion glass signature series





    An 18mm bowl made by salt that my awesome sexy girlfriend got me:D




    The bowl it came with

    Awesome Christmas:)
  2. Glass porn? Comments lol
  3. Both look super smooth and that Salt bowl is dope!
  4. Haha thanks man:)
  5. Cool. Wonder why this thread isn't getting any love......
  6. Haha thanks for the reply:D I was wondering the same!
  7. are you in the florida area? Diesel is based out of Orlando
  8. I know and yes! I've Owned many of their pieces I love them and they're local!
  9. nice piece and the salt is cool
  10. Sick ass pieces. smoke up bro.

    +rep for the sick glass
  11. Nice I'm around Tampa, my friend bought a 600phx and got a badass diesel circ to inverted circ, and had like 3 worked sections for free since the first circ was welded to the bottom. It was also slitted like a toro with lots of slits. It was such a smooth tube.

    From what I know they are based in Orlando and its many blowers so you will see some tubes are sloppy and and some are pretty damn nice

    Where's did you get the illusion tube?
  12. Syn do you ever go to recked?
  13. Lhs in palm beach county, idk a whole lot about the illusion brand, but I hear they too are local:)
  14. yeh I've been to recked, I try to check out every glass shop in my area. Recked is like 15-20mins from me. They def have the highest end tubes there, even had two sov stemlines there. It is overpriced there.

    I just went to G-Spot the other day to check out there glass since I was bored...They have some nice diesels there for cheap! Diffy to showerhead for 145, and the glass was thick!
  15. what when did they have any sov?
  16. I just went a week or two, I was looking around and I looked right past them a few times haha. There hidden in the corner of the display cabinet:p I'm not sure what version, it was the version with a straight tube to bore natty.
  17. sounds like you had a awesome fucking christmas man, sexy lookin glass
  18. Hell yeah, thanks man!

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