Christmas In Exuma(for ChilZ)

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by DaCaptn, Dec 24, 2002.

  1. Pure white sand on lava land
    trees parrot feather green
    sunset colored flowers bloom
    burstin at da seams

    Conch shells pink as baby's breath
    point da narrow way
    pass da big ole Banion tree
    goin to da Bay

    Floatin in da crystal blue
    sailboats gently sway
    rythum of da timeless tide
    carries cares away

    Come ya wind blown sailors
    fill yur souls with peace
    we'll celebrate our Saviors birth
    by dancing on da beach…
  2. Wonderful, truly wonderful!!!! You are indeed the artsy type with loads of talent hidden away. Plus I bet you have some amazing experiences in your past that give you inspiration!!!! I'm blessed to have the opportunity to have seen your works!!!!!!!
  3. Well, flowerchild,fairy princess, you have made a wonderful Christmas even better!!! Thank you so much for your very kind answer. I am humbled by your praise. I have been writing what I call PONGS poems+song=PONG for many years. I do have years of experiences that would knock yur socks off and presently am working on outlines for 11 books. Maybe I'll actually get one completed and then you can read ALL about it LOL.
    Da"So Happy Ya Like It"Captn
  4. man that puts longing in me to go wher you've been... i only hope some day i can experience those kind of sights, the heavy atmosphere of bc can be stifling sometimes
  5. i kinda get off on things i see, so tonight i was sitting out on the beach in my bean bag chair just in front of my house, and i felt compelled to write.. it might not be the greatest thing but i want to share it all the same.. keep in mind im .... *cough* young..

    a pleasing discomfort engulfs me as i am assaulted by an army of icy needles. a soft roar echoes in the distance, while the whisper of dripping water reaches my sould with its repetitive ambient simplicity. as i gaze to the heavens and wonder at nature's luminence, the clouds seem to play over the moon as if a ballet performing to the symphony of the ocean just for me. as the waves crashing upon the shore stop playing their monotonous tune, which varies still the same, the dancers take their cue and my sheet is released from the cloak of shadow and my attention is allowed to stray for one moment from this endless beauty before being recaptured a second later

    a haze flows steadily, from one body to another, starting abruptly, spinning like my mind. suddently, the flow stops and an arm reaches out from the depths of mist in the sky. as clear as day, a body drops through the darkness, and as a comrade off a ship into the blackness of a bitterly cold ocean, drops into oblivion. I feel a chill through my body, and i know this was just for me.

    **k so like i said im young, and just comment on what you really think.. cuz its been a while
  6. oh yeah by the way i love the last octave -?- of your "pong"
  7. Well, ChillZ, you got me postin my writtin stuff and now you are postin yours ...just maybe we can sneak in a mini poetry postin place for Stoners right here. Whatcha think???

    Now, what I'm gonna do is take your prose and put it into poetry form. PLEASE< don't think that it isn't good as prose and forgive me if i offend you by making it poetry but I "see' thingums better in a "structured" format. Again, forgive me in advance if I have offended you by doing this.

    discomfort engulfs me pleasingly
    assaulted by an army of icy needles
    soft roaring echoes far away
    while whisper water dripping
    repettive ambient simplicity
    reaches my soul...

    heaven gazing,luminent clouds
    play a ballet,oceanic symphony
    just for dancers take their cue
    monotonous melody abated
    released by shadowed cloak
    endless beauty captured
    if only for the moment...

    OK,OK I'll stop now but you get the idea ,right?

    I think you've got talent and you certainly have the place to get inspiration from...
    Da"Do Some More"Captn
  8. i absolutely loved both. lol, i don't think i could say that enough. good luck with your books cap'n. hopefully one day i'll beable to read one :)

    chillz... that was great. you're really talented, especially for being young. keep up the great work, both of you. i look forward to reading more.
  9. Thanks Mon for readin and replyin so nicely! I don't know where young master ChillZ got off to but that's what happens when you're young and free! Listen, Mon,ifin you will read the stuff I'll post it!
    Da"Got A Million OF Um"Captn

  10. was off in the world of liquor and girls
  11. I reckon if ya gotta be "off" then liquor and girls are some of da best places ta be! I'm gonna try to find a "liquor & girls" poem and post it for ya.
    Da"Spent 35 Years Off"Captn


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