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Christmas haze?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by salt life, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. So my buddy just called me saying he can get me "Christmas Haze" for $12 a G and his friend told him it was pretty damn good but I can't be so sure of that based on it's name.. I've never heard of it and I was just wondering if any blades on GC have heard of the name and to tell me some insight on it before I take a look at it myself.
    The price is not so bad so it could be a bargain. Who knows

  2. It kind of sounds like your buddy just made up a name, but I have smoked bud that smelled like christmas trees. I don't know what it was called, but holy shit man. I would love to smoke some of that stuff again. :eek: :smoking:
  3. Haha he said that it smelled like candy.
    Last time I had bud that smelled like candy it was pretty dank but you never know what people tell you right.
    That same guy that I could be buying from also had "Cat Piss" and I haven't seen that strain float around here before so he'a probably making up names but i'll have to see first hand what it's like.
  4. Worst names ever.
  5. Cat Piss is a legit strain bro.
  6. never buy based on the name depending on quality.
    I don't know why you won't take it just because it has a fake name. Get it, 12 bucks is a fairly good price.
  7. as long as its not bushy dryed up bud and its on point who cares just take it....
  8. Yoooo lmao.. do you happen to live in orlando? Salt life?

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