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Christmas DANK - 8th - Pics

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ineedit, Dec 24, 2006.

  1. $40/8th.






    Merry Christmas
  2. looks like some decent mids for sure.... roll some xmas blunts
  3. its not mids moron
  4. Lets not call names on the city, and yes, it does look a little middy.
  5. no need to be hostile, but those look like mids in my opinion... but hey, you're the one smoking if you say it's dank, whatever.

    edit: this is some dank
  6. does look a little leafy but still loooks like a nice smoke
  7. Any bud is better then the amount of bud I have now, which is zero

    Hope the bud serves ya well on Xmas:)
  8. looks like the mids i get for 30 a quarter, but whatever, if you're getting the diggity dank high from it, more power to ya!
  9. Guys it dosen't look like mids it just leafy KB. Everytime you guys see leaves you think its mids. It just wasn't manicured well by the grower. Ive had afghani that you guys would swear was mids becuase it was leafy but knocked me on my ass from one bong rip.

    Nice buds man enjoy them. :smoking:
  10. thanks wake n bake
  11. I didn't base any part of my observation on the leaves. I used to grow back before i lived in the bible belt so i know what improperly manicured buds look like (hell, i didn't do it right my first harvest).
  12. Dont be sayin shit like that.

    And its not dank, I'd pay like 110-120 a oz for it.

  13. From this picture it looks like midgrade bud, perhaps it looks better in person but from all that I can tell it dont look dank.

    Either way you smoke it, it gets you high who cares :D

    Enjoy the bud and your holiday :smoking:
  14. i heard some one said this and i quote them " never judge a bud by its cover". it may not look like the best quality weed but only the person with the weed will underdstand how good it is.
  15. i dunno dosent look like christmas dank to mee

    but will get you high fo shooo

    enjoy man

  16. Yea, that is somewhat true, but everyones tolerance is different with bud. Not everyone has a developed taste, smell, overall/high judgement for the herb. IMO, I think the buds appearance has a lot to do with how it'll smoke.

    Back on topic, looks like some high mids/low beasters. Nice smoke though :smoking:
  17. nice nugs thanks for sharing!

    on a side note, how come everyone has to be so quick to dis someones pickup...not necessary really.
  18. Dude if you paid $40 for an eigth it isn't headies, It's mids. I can get that shit for $30 an eigth.
  19. nice nice, not like dankkk, but weed is weed, looks preeeety nice
  20. That's fucking rude.

    And so is this; if that is 'dank', then fairies are going to fly out of my arse.

    That is all:mad:

    *Dislikes rudeness*

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