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  1. Hello Everyone. My name is Chris and I'm married 21 years (holy sh_t !!!:confused_2:) I am 48 yrs. old. Been smokin and token since ...well let me think....ok, well I can't remember:smoking:. I'm a female by the way.
    Unfortunately, "I smoke alone - with nobody else." Honestly, though I really do smoke alone now. My husband stopped about 2 years ago. It's like he's a whole different person now. Not the guy I met 20+ years ago. I miss the fun and the humor we had...the personality I married is a different personality now; with him as a totally straight person. Less the weed, I mean. Anyway, I'm just looking for a little conversation once in a while, with like-minded folks. It's a bit of an outlet, You know what I mean?
    I have never done anything like this - the posting and thread stuff, I don't really understand. Any assistance from you veterans of internet "threads" will be very much appreciated. And what is a tag? God Bless and thank you everyone for the anticipated comaradary.
    Christine B.
  2. Welcome to the family. :)
    A 'tag' is something you can put on a thread to help describe the thread before you click it..sorry if that's not explained well.

  3. Welcome! I know you're using this to get back into the marijuana community since your husband stopped, but I'd also try to figure out the root of your problem with your husband if I were you. You must have had more in common than marijuana, right? Ideally, this will be a good way for you to discuss toking so you guys can focus on other things when you're together. Hopefully anyway... :smoke:
  4. Thanks Matt,
    I'm hoping to view some of this forum as an observer for an hour or so. Just don't know when that hour will be, lol.
    I think with your discription in mind, that I'll probably figure it out. So , thanks!!
  5. Welcome to the city!
  6. wow,,,,my female counter part,,,,,great username,,,,i like it,,,,

    welcome to the city,,,,,please stay,,,,an learn to visit it oftennnn..

    i knew nothing of the computer,,,,an learne thru the city,,,,i ont really go to any other website,,,,{ exept porn].....

    im getting reay to hit 40,,,,most people on here aint half your age,,,,

    p.m. me an say hey,,,,,or click on my name,,,

    an vist my page an leave me a message,,,,,but this place is a goo e-famiy,,,

    my d button quit working so bear with me,,,,

    hope to see more of you,,,,:wave:

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