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  1. hi everyone, i am indeed a newbie (both to these boards and marijuana culture). i am a devout catholic that feels that that merijuana is a harmless pastime, you all undoubtably agree with that! i have had a hard time findidng any sites that share my belief. it seems that everyone assumes that because pot is illeagle, it's a terrible thing. and thus, being christian, they must be opposed to "drugs". anyway thas my thoughts thanks .
  2. :)Da Lords Playground

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    by DaCaptn
  3. " it seems that everyone assumes that because pot is illeagle, it's a terrible thing. and thus, being christian, they must be opposed to "drugs"."

    well... yup thats what happens when the lines between morality and legality become blurred in this "Christian based society"

    u got one guess as to what religion i was raised, what religion i turned my back on and what religion i blame for much of the wrongs in our system and also for the misconceptions held by many and perpetuated by those produced by and within the system.

    hmmm. not that hard really.

    yup i was an islamic fundamentalist!
  4. Hey Digit, that's funny Mon;) lol It seems that you have given this issue much thought as have I. I hope you'll agree with me that Religion is a man made thing used to control those that adhear to it ,whereas knowing God and His Son(s) and being "spritual" is quite another.

    BTW This site is fantastic!

  5. wow, thanks da captn! that was slick. yall are way cool. i believe that my "religious" beliefs still hold some validity in accordance to the bible, but i do agree that man has reall screwed things up a :OT since Jesus took off. what is legal isnt always moral..and apparently what is moral aint always legal.
  6. I belive in God... I belive in Jesus... But some things in the Bible I disagree on...


    When I smoke I'm a better man, and closer to God...

    But If Its Illegal Arent You Sinning???

    WELL... Alotta people in Jesus times were ARRESTED for being CHRISTIAN cuz IT WAS AGAINST THE LAW...

  7. thanks for the link i understand, altohugh the laws of GOD and government are different, the bible tells us to give unto caeser that which is caesers...which is taken to mean that we should follow the rules of the government...which i GREATLY disagree with.
  8. this thread reminded me when I started smokin´ (and i was also raised in a catholic school), well, the quiet place to toke i found near the school, besides an abandoned house, it was a park, with a little church, it had a lot of bushes around........
    well, there i was, toking outside the little church, and it got me thinkin´though.

    thank God i passed that phase. hehehe,
    now I feel OK with God. for example, it is reflexive if you go to church a little high, I mean, you got yourself thinkin´in every word that is said.
  9. i agree with you. i think it is a harmless pasttime as well.
  10. the question i pose, as a catholic christian, is as follows:

    with all the scriptual backup that has been supplied to me, is smoking marijuana our religious right? and if so, doesnt it become grounds for legalization?

  11. i believe this is as close to my opinon as you can get with out useing my own words....

    by the way i dig alot of the pics you post captn!
  12. I am also Catholic, strong in my faith, and your post got me curious. Have you always felt this way? I would really like to hear your opinion on this, you sound like you know what you're talking about (which a lot of people don't have a good reason to smoke pot, they just do).

    If you want to, please email me at:


  13. Yes it would. I was thinking about this the other day. CHristians could and should claim this as a right in their religion. If American Indians can use peyote, why can't Christians have pot?

    Behold, I
    have given you EVERY (emphasis added)

    herb bearing seed

    which is upon the face of all the earth.
    To you it will be for meat.
    And God saw everything that He had made,
    and, behold, it was very good."
    (Genesis 1:29-31)

    Direct quote from the Bible.
  14. Babe, I have a link for you to a site for those who are a Christian AND smoke weed.

    You had it in the title of your thread and prolly didn't even realize it.

    Gud luk luv ;)

    Den Activist
  15. I've been talking to my 18 year old son about this
    a lot recently.
    He thinks it's wrong but he smokes.
    He knows I smoke and is having a hard time discerning.

    Because it's illegal, it is scorned and looked down on.
    But I think alcohol is the real poison and it's legal.
    So, I use my personal judgment against politicians
    who don't live my life.

    I have several autoimmune diseases and I use it
    BUT.....I also use it recreationally.

    I like what you said HateBreeder.
    I'm not interested in being stoned all the time.
    There are times I am grateful for it when I have a
    migraine or my joints are very bad, or the neuropathy
    in my feet makes it unbearable to walk.

    There are times, I just want to sit back with friends/family, smoke a joint, relax and enjoy the sensation.

    I don't like being high all the time.
    I like being 'present.'
    I use my judgment and live a responsible life being
    the best person I can be.

    I believe God knows my heart and judges me accordingly.

  16. That has to be one of the best this point I am somewhat speechless..and a proper "category" eludes me. I would say it's a reply, but it's more than that. I would say it's a statement, but it still goes further than that.

    Whisper..I am stunned. You have spoken very eloquently. In my opinion, what you just wrote is borderline-beautiful. I mean this. You have just summed up in a very brief, yet strong (reply+/statement+/?) what all of us here would like those who don't understand or are willfully blind to know.

    Very Well Put!



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