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  1. well, i was thinking the other day: whats the deal with christians and their belief in both a god and a satan? why this doesn't make sense to me is: if god and satan are enemies, then why is satan, in a sense, doing god's dirty work by punishing those that defy god? isn't satan just acting as god's cop? explain.
  2. i think the story goes something like Satan was the numbero uno angel, like gods left hand man. then satan became a badass. so god sent him to take care of all the other badasses in hell.

    Thats my VERY simplified take on a story im not sure exists...
  3. its obvious what the dealio is. satan is living in hell with saddam hussain and they are gay lovers (thank you south parker!!)
  4. satan says today we have virgin girls, tommorrow we have booze, the next day we have a feast,the following day we have pot smoking [my favorite]but on the final day we have bend over and smile .lol.[​IMG]

    as good as it seems theres always a down side ,lol.

  5. Almost right.
    Satan was an arch-angel,he questioned gods right to rule and was the first subversive.God doesn't like being challenged so he damned satan and all his followers.Anyone knows that religion is carrot and stick psychology,be a good boy and you will be rewarded,piss off your god and he will punish you for ever.

    Here's something to ask someone you know believes in god.
    Do you believe in the devil??? The first answer they will give is NO,but if you point out that satan must exist because the bible says so it sort of stops them for a sec.Anyone who believes in god must also believe in a devil.
    The other mutants made me do it!!!
  6. Satan does punish christains, but it's actually what he wants. He wants to pull people away from God, and when he does, it's seems good at first, but leads to anguish.
  7. could say Satan was the first dissident. He didn't actually challenge God to a fight or anything. He just disobeyed.

    The rest I'm not totally sure about. Ha was sent to rule the underworld. But I dunno if there's anything about Gods dirty work in the b ible. I know for sure that things like purgatory are not mentioned in the book. They were used in the dark ages (Ithink 'bout year 1000-1200) to scare people into doing what the clerics told'em.
  8. The old testament makes interesting reading.
    I still don't believe in god though.

  9. If I was a god I would torture humans,it would be "I made them and I'll do what I want with them".
    After all I can always make some more.?
  10. The archangel was Lucifer!!!
    If i'm not mistaken, satan is the Hebrew word for sin?? Can't remember where I heard this..
    Anyways, it's all metaphor. Lucifer represents sin and all bad things that "God" is not in favour of. Look at these things symbolically. Lucifer at God's side... meaning anything can become sinful and everything and everyone who accepts satan or sin into their lives will be punished by god.

    The reason I think most atheists emerge is cause they look at the Bible as literally as fundamentalists. There are truths to the bible but it's all about myths, interpretations. I believe in a god, but not a holy father with a beard and shit like that. I believe that 2000 years ago some dude named Jesus walked on this planet but i don't believe that he was the son of a god. And I CERTAINLY don't believe that Mary was a virgin. That is pure bullshit. I don't know how anyone can believe that. Also original sin is bullshit. Is a baby sinful? no. what's makes you believe that a baby would be sinful anyways? These are some things that the Catholic church makes you say you believe.. I fuckin hate it. Everyone is capable of sin but it doesn't mean they're born with sin. Immaculate Conception, sure, but everyone, and not just Mary, is born sinless.

    But anyways, the thing about god and a devil... no I don't think that there's a devil but there is a force of evil within us.. WE're the devils and we can expose this side of us if we choose to. So me, I believe in a god (entity, force, eternal thing that I can't even comprehend) but there's no goat-like devil or Lucifer or any shit like that. We're what we make ourselves. I can't even comprehend what the god is (not a he/she, maybe an it, I don't know) so there's no way I'm going to worship "it". There's no afterlife or fate or crap like that. There's no way anyone can possibly "know" that. So I say bullocks to everything that is religion. Who would waste their time worshipping that which is not comprehensible and try to prove which religion is right? WHy are there so many religions? For exactly that reason. No one knows the mysteries of our origins so they try to make up whatever bullshit they can.

    ^^ yippee
  11. You guys are trying to over-simplify a 2,000 year old religion based on basic knowledge (or the lack there-of) on the subject.
  12. And the fact that ye call it 2000 years old shows your lack of basic knowledge.

    It's been simplified, altered, evolved, revolved and all that before, so we can't do anything wrong here...

    And the story 'bout archangel Lucifer (thanx, stonersoldier, I forgot that (btw...anyone notice that Lucifer means Lightbringer and compared that to Zylark's sig?)) is quite short.

    Soldierman...I'm totally with you when you say religion is made up by man to explain the mysteries of our origin. However I think it should be possible to assume the bible speaks the truth, just for the cause of discussing it. Then we can go read between the lines...
  13. Here it is simplified. Man made up God so there would be world order. Satan was made to scare people to live only good.. Not hard to understand now people. Pretty lame if you ask me. But hell, it brainwashes some peopel into good. As long as they dont preach it to me.
  14. Yeah buddy, your posts are ever so convincing and thought provoking.
  15. Ooooooh poor baby can't stand being criticized. And definitively can't criticize others in an adequate way. Man, you've got 6 posts on this forum and at least 2 of'em (didn't bother to read the others) are destructive and unintelligent. And are just about ruining other peoples' discussion. Are you sure you belong here?

  16. Presumptious jackass !!!!!
    I would like to know how the fuck you know the extent of my knowledge on any subject??? You don't, so don't presume anything.

    If you want me to really simplify it here goes.
    Satan = bad guy
    God = good guy
    Eternal conflict ???
    End of the world
    All the good guys live happily ever after.
    All the bad guys are damned for all eternity.
    The End.

    It's still all bull to me,I believe in the power of me.
    Do you still believe in santa and the tooth fairy ??
  17. sometimes i wonder....with more we learn create and discover, the stupider we become.
  18. Your animosity towards me does nothing. I am just a guy on the net, and your taking this WAY too seriously. Calm, down and read a book, go outside or tinker with something. Jeez man, just calm yourself down.
  19. Yeah, and you have almost 300 posts in 3-4 months. What does that say about the two of us? :rollseyes: Anyways man, my first post wasn't criticizing anyone. It was taking the information that you posted (assuming that based on your information, it was a reflection on what you actually know) and matching it with my own information. When comparing the two sides, I expressed my opinion on your arguement. When coming to this conclusion, I was left to decide whether your expressed beliefs on the subject matter were due to ignorance or stupidity. I chose ignorance. Please do not lead me to re-evaluate that decision of mine. I wasn't being a dick until you all popped it off.

  20. having an average of 3 posts a day does say one thing: I have too little to do at work. And your ":rolleseyes:": that's usually a techniqe to insult or insecure other people. It's considered rude in an intelligent setting.

    Your first post WAS actually criticising ANYONE. You claimed us to have a lack of knowlege. Now you call me ignorant and threaten to call me supid. I work at the psych ward and when people who think of themselves to be omnipotent or eternally wise call me stupid...well you can imagine my thoughts on them. The thing that annoyes me though ist that you claim to know so much more than us, still you haven't participated in this discussion and given us any valid aguments (besides your calling christianity a 2000 year old religion, which is definitely wrong). So please, enlighten us with your eternal wisdom or leave us ignorants to ourselves

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