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Christianity (or religion) and the Ganja

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Weed and Wheels, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Hey fellow tokers! So I am asking for your advice today on religion and cannabis. Basically, my brother believes that if u smoke weed you can not be a Christian no matter what. I told him how u can be a Christian because ur not breaking the 10 commandments and the marijuana plant is natural, god created. So I'd like to know ur thoughts on this. Also, I'd like to hear what religion you guys are just for kicks. Thanks GC!
  2. I'm no Christian but I thought I heard Cannabis is mentioned in the Bible? No matter what people say you know in your subconcious that weed is harmless you shouldn't be worried.
  3. i'm not religious, but I don't see why smoking should affect how your faith is...if you're high, and you still have the same ideals and believe in the same things, then the smoke shouldn't matter, imo.
  4. Is it? Wow I'll have to check that out but yes it is harmless and I'm just trying to prOve it to my brother. Well prove that you can be a Christian. But thank you I'm goon to look into that!
  5. "Cannabis" The word is not mentioned in the bible but it gives some strong references to it.

    In fact the Three Wise Men who came to the birth of Christ. Were though to be Zoroastrians, who believed hemp was a special gift from the gods.

    I believe God doesn't mind if you use Marijuana. In fact the bible says:
    I smoke Marijuana every day. I prey every day. I help my elders once a week by moawing there lawn for free. I dout im going to hell for smoking marijuana.
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    Many religions prohibit the ingestion of certain substances.

    Christianity does teach that your body is the Lord's Temple and you must not put an intoxicating substances into it. Anything that will defile the Lord's name and does not bring glory to God must not be consumed. I am not sure if cannabis is mentioned within the confines of the Bible, but I know one of the tenants of Christianity is to remain as puritanical as possible in word, thought, and action. I would assume this includes smoking of any kind. Some Christians are very straight-edge about it and do not consume any substances, even though Jesus drank wine.

    If your brother is a true Christian, he should not be throwing stones. All of the Christians I know live in glass houses and their actions at many times are less than Christ-like. I'm pretty sure he has many flaws and faults as well. He shouldn't be going around telling people they aren't a Christian or not because they smoke weed. He isn't your priest, he isn't the Pope and he sure isn't God. So next time he goes running his mouth, tell him to take a hike because he's the same composition you are - flesh and bone.

    As far as I know, smoking weed isn't a mortal sin. You may keep your faith. There are many serious Christians out there who smoke weed, you just won't know.

    I don't believe in any god(s). One of the many reasons I stopped being Christian was a prohibition on what I decided to put into my own body. It just didn't make sense to me. It's eerily reminiscent of what the government tells me I can put into my body... Anyway, with me being a part of no religion, there is no conflict there.

    You can still believe in God and not be a Christian. God isn't only exclusive to Christianity.

    Also, for the record: just because it's natural doesn't mean it's good.

    It's not harmless, but it sure isn't the worst thing you can do to yourself.
  7. The holy anointing oil contained cannabis extract and Moses was on shrooms.

    The bible is full of drug use, as is many religious systems
  8. I'm an athiest. However any christian who defies the plant defies god. Defying god is definately un christian
  9. When I was in school my teacher said jesus would have probably smoked weed

    The long hair also gives it away
  10. You're an idiot for even debating this with your brother. Fuck your religion, if you want to smoke weed, smoke weed.

  11. LOL

    And the g-man up in heaven put the plant on the Earth himself, for us, therefore it's no sin to consume it. There was only one plant we were forbidden to eat.
  12. im not religous at all, i dont beleive in a higher power. but my aunt is the BIGGEST bible thumper i know. shes Christian, prays like 5 times a day, but she smokes weed too. so if you wanna smoke than smoke.. ahah
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    Furthermore, there have been a few very well put together theories that the bible is metaphorical and Jesus himself was not a man, but rather a mushroom.

    Focusing on the OP's question, a few points need to be looked at.

    First, it doesn't specifically mention that smoking weed (or anything else for that matter) is a sin. Jesus drank wine, which knocks over the whole "intoxicating substances are bad" argument.

    There is also historical basis to suggest that the anointing oil used by the three wise men would have contained cannabis.

    The biggest argument for the usage of cannabis by Christians, however, is the effect of cannabis use on the average person's behaviour. Christianity is not defined by strictly adhering to the laws presented in the bible, many of which are outdated and clearly a product of the environment in which the bible was written - for example, you wouldn't consider it "Good Christian Behaviour" to beat your wife with a rod no thicker than your thumb, right? A good Christian is defined by Christ-like behaviour. Things like tolerance, patience, empathy for your fellow man, generosity, and many other generally positive traits. I don't know about you, but herb has helped me with emphasizing those traits in my interactions with others.

    With that said, I lost my desire to participate in organized religion when I was about 10 years old, and have switched my mindset to that of a seeker. I am still deeply spiritual, but I've come to realize that spirituality is really much more of a personal journey, and my views, unfortunately, don't fit into a tidy, neatly labelled package. A lot of that was due to people like your brother, who lead me to believe that while organized religion can bring out great things in people, it can also lead to a heightened sense of superiority and massive egos - and who can blame people when they think that the supreme creator of all things shares their specific point of view?

    Whether you choose to continue your journey as a card-carrying Christian or simply embrace the best parts of your current religion and branch outwards into other paths to the divine, I wish you the absolute best. As long as it's a positive thing for you, keep smoking and use the herb to help you bring forth the best you possible. :smoke:

    EDIT: Apologies for the biblical post length, but I guess there's no place better for it than this thread, lol.
  14. tell your brother that its primitive to believe in dat bullshit n get him high
  15. I'm a christian and i smoke weed every day.. Doesn't make me less of a christian. I believe in my faith, and i love to get high... Its no big deal lol
  16. i used to be catholic. now i'm atheist because of the internet. all religion is full of shit to me. if i want to smoke weed, i'm gonna do my best to fuck myself up with some of the dankest bud i can get my hands on!
  17. I was born catholic, raised catholic, part of a very large catholic family, went through 13 years of catholic education, and my dad went to the seminary for 3 years. So if there is anyone here who should know about the catholic faith its me. Now i started smoking when i went away to college(duh). Before i started smoking i was rude, brutish, arrogant, and looked down on people who were different than me. Now i firmly believe that this is a product of being raised in such a strict religious setting. Growing up i was always taught to look down on people who's lifestyle didn't agree with the catholic church such as homosexuals, stoners;), and anybody else who the church told us to hate.

    To me this is not the right thing to be teaching young(impressionable) children. Why should you shun and hate people who are different than you? That doesn't make sense at all to me, and im pretty sure that it doesn't say anywhere in the bible to hate thy neighbor. In fact im positive it is the opposite.

    Now the reason i say this is because since i have been smoking i have become a much more loving, caring, and understanding person. I have completely shed what prejudice the catholic church has taught me. Now im not saying that the catholic church's primary goal is to cultivate hatred and fear, but they sure don't subdue either. Since i have started smoking i have realized the complete hypocrisy of what i had been taught, and have changed my life accordingly. I firmly believe that i am a much more christian person now then when i was a practicing catholic due entirely to that fact that i can make my own decisions based on what i know to be the right thing to do instead of what some 2000 year old fictional storybook tells us. To say you can't be christian and smoke is completely absurd and just goes to show you what i mean. You would think someone who calls themselves a disciple of God would be a more caring and understanding.
  18. Saying "you can't be christian because you smoke weed" is like saying "you can't be christian because you are black." You are disobeying one of god's commandments and making a judgement in his place.

    Im pretty sure that one of the basic rules of christianity is love thy neighbor. And correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't it god who makes the final judgement? isn't it a sin to take god's place?

    I'm rastafari. We believe that the bible is flawed anyway. We also believe that smoking weed deepens your meditative abilities, allowing us to see god's purpose much more clearly.
  19. I wouldn't say that the Bible teaches that the body is a Temple and to not put intoxicating substances in it. Just because of the fact that alcohol is mentioned in the Bible more times then the Savior
  20. Have you read the bible? You can't tell me the people who translated that, much less wrote it, were not on some type of drug.:cool:

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