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  1. For one, the graph's Y axis (list of states) are not even alphabetized. Second, how the hell do you even gauge a state's "religiousness," generosity and health and contentment rating?! Did they tell these Christians to just gauge themselves on a scale of 1-10?

    Christians aren't stupid, this thread and an attempt to create such a chart is.
  2. Christianity is dumb. So are a lot of things I do. We're created by other people both literally and metaphorically. Who we become is a result of those before us, and so on. While I find Christianity interesting to say the least I don't find Christians to be anymore dumb than the rest of us.

    We all just want some semblance of happiness. Christianity brings that for a lot of people, and it destroys it for many people too. That is how life on earth works. The good makes for the bad, and the bad makes for the good. It's a cycle of never ending LIFE.

    An animal dies, sad as it may be... Thousands of living creatures will thrive off the death of that animal. At the same time thousands of living creatures died with that animal. It was their host. In good there is bad, and in bad there is good.

    Life is what you choose to make of it. Embrace the positive, but don't be afraid to embrace that which makes it possible; the negative.
  3. You're just looking to work up some incredible angry atheist...It's just too easy lmao
  4. Worst. Delivery. Ever.
  5. Not all christians are idiots, but all idiots are christians. Its a Snapple Fact

  6. It was okay to believe a creator when no one really knew much about the universe, but we've been learning so much and honestly human life doesn't mean anything to the universe because we will become extinct sometime in the future.

    And just read the stories in the bible and tell me it isn't a fairy tale, lmao. People that think we came from some god are self absorbed people that think too much of themselves.

    Also, Jesus was an asshole, he commanded all those genocides. He killed every animal and human on the global flood. He killed everybody from Sodoma and Gomorra. He ordered Abraham to kill his son.

    He is a monster. A nasty disgusting demented bastard. Thank goodness he is not real.
  7. You're making a generalization. I am pretty humble and I believe in God. Granted it may not be the God everyone is accustomed to.

    I think you should stop grouping people who believe in God and start seeing then for the individual they are.
  8. "Cool Place To Park"

    [Sang by Beefcake]
    Frozen it time.
    We watched as you grew.
    Now the ice is gone.
    And now, we travel on -
    Seems like forever.
    Y'know we're look for...
    We can't find cool cool cool place to park
    Old Medusa with her gorgon braids
    She invites us to her promenade
    Driving in our death-machines
    A thousand years or more
    Around and around and around and around the block
    Y'know we're looking for
    A cool place to park
    Satan's sow is honking
    Hera's slowly creeping nymphs in my back seat
    all dripping on my naugahyde

    please let me find a COOL PLACE TO PARK!
    humanity is in my way
    your golden arches and your shopping malls
    remind us you must fall down down fall down fall down

    cool park cool park
    [repeated alot]
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    There is a lot more to it than the "fairytales" that you're focusing on. For example, the talking snake doesnt have to be an actual snake, it may be a description of our ego or something similar. Clearing/calming the storms can mean Christs presence cleared/calmed peoples mind, etc...

    I dont believe God commanded genocides and mass murders. It completely contradicts the commandments and what Jesus taught. Just because some people claimed that God commanded them to commit mass murder doesnt mean its true. They could have used God as just another way to deceive people and accomplish their own agendas.

    Like I said, try to understand who Jesus was and what he taught. The teachings are very consistent and positive, I dont know how anyone could say otherwise.

  10. Well, there is no evidence that Jesus ever even lived. It's fake, anyone who can't admit it is a liar and can't be trusted.
  11. Thats like saying the Buddha never existed and is completely made up. He came hundreds of years before Jesus and nobody denies that he existed. There is just far too much wisdom and truth to what they taught for me to say that theyre fake. I'm not saying I know for a fact that they existed, there just is no good reason for me to deny it.
  12. lmao u guys r funny :)
  13. your on the right track but you should go to school first
  14. real or fake do you really believe that god is so unimaginative to create christianity? i mean seriously the bible is like a kids book from thousands of years ago.

    if you think the bible is the word of god, then your insulting your god
  15. Mine Are The Eyes Of God

    Taught To Believe From The Onset, Of Heaven And Hell And Between
    The Institution's Retribution - Damnation From On High
    Living And Dying Together Never Did Nothing At All
    Except For The Few Who Got Rich Off Of You
    And The Rest, They Were Herded Like Sheep

    Mine Are The Eyes Of God
    And What I See Is Not What Was Meant To Be
    Mine Are The Eyes Of God
    Mine Are The Eyes
    Mine Are The Eyes Of God

    Down The Road To Betrayal Of Values They Held To Be True
    An Aberration, Deviation To Get To The Spirit Of Life
    The Whole Goddamn World Is Riding On Words For Thousands Of Years
    It's Just Like The West, To Think It Knows Best
    When Answers Are Subject To Change


    They Took What Could Have Been
    And Turned It Upside Down
    They Twisted All Things Seen
    What's Lost Must Now Be Found

    I Got To See It
    Got To Believe It
    I Got To Be There
    I Got To See It
    Got To Believe It
    Given The Power Of Reason Yet Throwing It All To The Wind
    No Solution In Evolution - Only The Blood-Stained Glass
    A Soul Full Of Lies In Contention, Begs Sacred Yet Worships Profane
    Lose Sight Of The Fact That You're Where It's At Not The Stars, Not The Cross,
    Nor The Moon


    -corrosion of conformity
  16. Of course they did, that was the purpose of creating Gods, that is why I find the concept disgusting, it justifies controlling people.

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