christianity dumb

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  1. sorry if people gets offended, :eek:

    im christian,so i was wondering if christian people are dummys? i think my self stupid,what do you guys think?

    i found this source,check it out !

    Are religious people stupid, theifs, and murderers? - Christian Chat Rooms & Forums

    christian iq is a 96! (red) in california hmmm.... thats bad? :confused:
    i mean, ive herd other religious suggest that christians are dummys,because they fail at test,and other things....idk :l
  2. Certainly by your use of grammar one might conclude you could be.
  3. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  4. lmao srry

    i mean is every christianity people are stupid? what do you think? o

  5. bitch!..i know
  6. I am, for one, not stupid. You obviously don't have to be religious to be a moron.
  7. What the what is going on in here? Did someone spike my drink?
  8. I am not entirely sure, but I think you spiked your own drank!
  9. fuk.........srry guys :/
  10. just because someones christian you automatically think they're stupid?:confused:

  11. no! ive heard rumors dmn it!
  12. i had another question...but i think you peps are ganna be like *wtf?
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  14. alright then :devious:

    so i was thinking about every religions.....

    and i think religions just cause trouble you know,take hitler for example, with out judaism,they wouldove been alive by now....well some, sometimes i think other people just made it up,if you get me :eek: lol
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    No, but I do think they have done little actual research on the topic and/or are just lying to themselves.

    To be a christian you have to believe that there is a man in the sky that watches over us at all time and know everything we think, and if we don't believe in him we burn in hell for eternity. If you are gay you go to hell despite it being natural. The ten commandments are ridiculous and leave out things much worse than listed. If god is all knowing why does he have human characteristics? Because maybe he was just a person? You must also believe he created the universe just for us, the other 99.9% of species that have went extinct? Those were just apart of the plan to get us here, it was all created for us! Who cares about the other planets and life form in space that are most certainly there.

    Anyone who says they are christian are obviously delusional if they believe in a fairy tale written 2 or 3,000 years ago that was just there so they could control people. We are in the 21st century, it's time to grow up guys, it's like Santa Claus, it hurts when you finally realize he's fake, but you can't keep lying to yourself.
  16. Hahaha somebody spiked my drink too. If he's not a troll I hope I never have to meet him

  17. Yeah, I'm not delusional, nor am i lying to myself.

    I believe what I believe and we can leave it at that and maybe, just maybe, stop judging people.

  18. I used to say the same stuff as you're saying until I got a deeper understanding of Christianity. You have to put sincere effort to understand who Jesus is and what he taught.

    The stuff Jesus taught can only make a better person out of someone. You see real results. You can clearly tell that its genuinely trying to help the person, not oppress and control them.

    I personally dont understand why many people think the idea of a creator/God is far fetched and fairytale. If you were alone on this planet chances are you will likely search for something higher than yourself and question if there is a creator. You wouldnt do that with Santa, its really not comparable.

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