Christianity and weed?

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  1. So I have been a solid believer most of my life that there is some sort of "God" out there. Ive been going down to Georgia for awhile to visit a friend with a cousin of mine. They are all pretty hardcore baptists down there and I found myself liking their beliefs so in there terms I became "saved".

    Now here is my question for you. Is anyone out there in GC into this religion and still smoking? I feel guilty every once and awhile but I look at it as; I gave up drinking and smoking weed is more of a spiritual and social type thing that I do.

    Your thoughts and beliefs are welcome :smoke:
  2. Marijuana and the Bible

    Here is a good page on the subject.

    But from my personal experiences I have come to see that cannabis is possibly the holiest plant and is being kept from us.
  3. Thank youuu:D
  4. If this is talking about pot, wouldn't they be more consumed with hunger? :D
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    Down south you have the church hypocrites that feel guilty or just stay in permanent denial of their cannabis consumption.

    Then (and very rare) there are those who do not see the evil or immorality in smoking a plant and don't find any biblical scripture that supports the perspective that it is sinful.

    I'm not necessarily associated with a particular religion, but if I was a Christian with my interpretation of the bible I would continue to smoke. I usually smoke in a spiritual sense regardless. The herb is a thing deserving respect, not guilt over its use.

    Why do some people feel that way? Brainwashing...plain and simple.
  6. hahaha. i'm not saying cannabis is the tree of life so no. But the seeds just happen to be perfect for the human body and many people believe the seeds are manna.
  7. I dont see a problem with it. Is there a weed monestary?
  8. I have to agree with you. They have tried to tell me that smoking cannabis is a sin. I pointed out a few scriptures on it and the pastor pulled me aside and told me "If you're going to smoke smoke on your own and not with the people of the church. I dont find it completely wrong but I do believe used wrong could lead to sinful decisions". So I quit drinking (long over due, couldnt stand the hangovers) and started toking more. I feel that after I smoke I think more "spiritually" and the concept of a God seems more real to me.

    As far as the brainwashing down there... fact....and its pretty sad
  9. I was raised in the Christian way of life until I was 19, and I never thought for one minute that smoking pot is a sin. Even at the age of 10 I was like, "'s a plant right? Didn't God make it? The Bible says that he made everything and then said, "It was good." I'm pretty sure he put it here for a good reason."
  10. Smoking weed is a sin because it diverts your attention from God
  11. Ah see that is if you personally use it to divert from god. For many it is a sacrament
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    It doesn't matter how it is used by believers, that does not make it right. I believe IMME hit the proverbial nail directly on thee head when saying that Cannabis use diverts the believers attention from God. Nothing in the Bible, regardless of what quote you choose to throw at me after this is over, condones the use of Cannabis. The only possible advantage is that there is nothing in the Bible explcitly condemning usage.

    It's all about dogmatic interpretation. Excess is a sin in the Christian religion, and some would say that simply partaking in consumption of Cannabis is an act of excess.

    In short, don't try to use the Bible to justify a habit that needs no justification.
  13. weed is used often for meditation, so yes I think it can go with christianity
  14. Christianity is funny. It's just a play.
  15. We are god. The universe is god. The dirty shit that comes out of your ass is god. Stop putting a face or a person behind it. The answers are within us. It's not in made up words in a made up book.
  16. We are not God. The words from that book are there to keep people with faith on the positive side. I've met more Baptist Christians who are much more happier than anyone I know with no belief in God. We have not put a face of God, there is a face for his son but the belief of God relies in our hearts and soul.

    Now I'm not the biggest believer in creation, I believe that this earth is billions of years old and that us "humans" have been on this planet for a mear blink in time. What I do believe is that God put the soul in humans and brought a spiritual being to us.

    Just my 2 cents
  17. If you are the already the greatest thing possible, how do you leave yourself any room for improvement?
  18. You should read "Ishmeal" by Daniel Quinn.

    A very provocative book. Changed my perspective of Christianity entirely.
  19. I've read in twice. It was a great book it opened my eyes to a lot of things.

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