Christianity and Marijuana

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  1. Hello everyone, I am quiet new here and I have been browsing this forum and I haven't came across anything yet that has fully answered what I have been wondering.

    Now before I start, I understand that a lot of you are Athiests or something otherwise but I ask you nicely right now, please no flames or religious BS comments.

    Well I have been smoking marijuana a little over a year now, a little off and on but for the most part pretty consistently. I am 18 and I just graduated from highschool and one of my biggest concerns is that I don't follow in the path of Jesus. Yes I truely do believe and I pray to god every night, but I feel as if I walk alone sometimes and I don't represent Him as I should.

    Things like marijuana for example. I am Baptist and I am curious to see the other opinions and views on this subject from the other Christians on this forum. What do you think He would think of it? Yes it is illegal, and I am going against my parents (even though technically Ill be on my own in a while) but it hasn't changed me at all since I started, and its just something I enjoy doing.. which I'm sure you all know where I'm coming from on that one.

    Sometimes during a session with my friends I will feel guilt, which I am usually able to forget about. Although sometimes I get to thinking pretty hard what He would think about me smoking marijuana. I get thoughts that he might punish me in different ways, etc. but even so, I continue to smoke.

    As time goes by I feel less and less guilty but it still crosses my mind and concerns me sometimes. Tonight I have plans to smoke some salvia for the first time and yup, you guessed it, I'm having thoughts about what He will think of it.

    Well I'm in a rush right now, I'm going to play some soccer with a few buddies of mine. If anyone is able to put in their thoughts about this and help me out a little, that would be great. Thanks in advance!

    i suggest typing in "marijuana and Christianity" into G00gle or other search engine.

    i am borderline christian. but i am quickly drifting. i have developed many new philosophies. though, marijuana has a much deeper connection with humans that date back to ancient times.

    the marijuana plant isnt illegal because its badd. propaganda has driven many to believe marijuana will drive u bonkers, ppl have even gone to extremes saying it will make u kill yourself. in the grand scheme of things more ppl die off of over the counter medicines. there are NO cases of nebody dying from marijuana. there is NO link to lung cancer/brain damage with use of marijuana. marijuana has manymanny many medical uses yet it is still illegal. if a whole nation was able to legally smoke weed, the state of the country would be in a much different outlook. maybe there would be peace for once. and im sorry nething that involves the RIGHT thing goes against the higher administrations greedy agenda.

    there has actually been a list of 101 uses for marijuana(hemp specifically)
    and that is just out of 25,000 products

    did you know that the chemical makeup of Cannabis-CARBON-HYDROGEN-OXYGEN

    is the same as the main elements of Human BEings?

    AND growing marijuana and hemp would help rebuild the ozone layer.

    Honestly, my philosophy........Weed isnt g00d for you. ITS G0d FOR YOU

    you are doing nothing wrong. just remember that

    take it easy

    nd keep inhaling the higher intelligence
  3. church of the universe have some quality stuff on this.

    there's also richard cristie's one too, i forget the name of.

    and if those two dont put your mind at ease as to what is truth and what is political agenda, go see a rastafarian. :D (failing having a rasta to go see, go watch some rasta you tube videos.)
  4. Its a gift from God my friend. If my memory serves me correctly Jesus had to have used Cannabis or he was not the Christ. Jesus was called The Christ or The Anointed one. To become the Anointed one, One would have to be anointed by the holy oil which one of the ingredients would have been 9 pounds of cannabis flowerings. This was combined to make a large batch of oil which I assume they would pour completely over one's body. Even in a topical form you would be extremely baked:smoke:
  5. im an atheist, but there are many biblical references to "the good herb". and in no place in the bible does it say "dont smoke". actually, it is said that the oil jesus was baptised in was made partly of cannabis. and just look at the pictures of J C, that dude burnt some goodies. he looks like he just got out of a Phish concert haha
  6. Hey man,

    You have some legitimate concerns... What Would Jesus Do?

    But jesus would never punish you. Jesus is about peace and the harmony between the brotherhood of man. And most importantly Love.

    People have killed and died in the name of jesus. I don't think puffin a bit of herb is going to be what trips his trigger.
  7. Whether you believe in the church or not, you must have noticed that Jesus did quite a few things that were illegal, like vandalizing the Temple.

    I think Hash oil was pretty widely used as medicine back then, so chances are, he was talking about that when he said to annoint each other with oil, and rub each others feet.

    You might be interested to look into the THC Ministries website as well. I personally think Jesus was a stoner, that's why they lie about him so much. I mean the people that claim to love him.
  8. Yea I know it doesn't say that anywhere in the bible, but its the things like doing things that are illegal and goin behind your parents backs that is considered sin.

    Thanks for the responses too everyone. I have to go but I'll put in a little more tomorrow. Thanks again!
  9. God gave us the plants to use... If a Government tells you not to pray, do you obey them? Similarily, if a Government tells you not to use something God gave to you, do you obey? While it says to obey the Government, it also says God comes first. So, if God gave you cannabis and someone comes along and tells you not to use it, who do you obey?
  10. I was going to type something up just like Liquidtruth did...but beat me too it...if "god" created eearth and everything on it, that means he created cannabis. He tech. didnt create things for no reason, everything has a purpose. Hence all the plants that offer medicinal aspects. Im not really one to talk about religion and god. Im Zen Buddhist, we do not have a god, we try to modle ourselves after buddha and make our lives better. So I cant really say much but from what I do know about it is what ive typed already.

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