Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Mr Skinner, May 24, 2004.

  1. Well, dudes and dudettes...I just read the "places to visit" thread 'n noticed someone writing Christiania. So I guess not everyone has heard the news.

    First off..for you who don't know Christiania: It's a place in Copenhagen, Denmark. An old Hippie community. Mostly inhabited by artists and musicians. Long story used to be like the Netherlands: Weed wasn't legal, but tolerated. It had worked for years. Whenever we came to Copen, we'd go there to buy our weed on "Pusher Street".

    Half a year ago there was a vote and they decided to no longer look away. So now they declared Christiania no longer a free-state ('s what they used to call it), but to be a part of Denmark like the rest. So they arrested 40 dealers on Pusher street. My friend just visited his family in Copenh. and he 'n his friends didn't even bother to go there any more. Got their weed some other place, of course. But it's just sad. Copenhagen will never be the same for me again

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