Christian use of Marijuana

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  1. I've been Christian all my life and have smoked pot regularly for the past 2 years of it. I've always just listened to music, hung out with friends, etc. while high, and basically ignored the spiritual aspect, because I just figured only Rastafarians could really do it right. How can I use marijuana to grow closer to God? I've tried praying while high and i've found it's difficult to stay on topic if you know what I mean. Any suggestions, preferably from personal experience, would be welcome.
  2. take a very small toke (if your gonna anyway) & then meditate

    i don't advocate its use, but if your gonna use it meditation is good!

    or have a small toke, go & sit near a tree & just breathe deeper & deeper

  3. I went to a catholic high school, and on the rare occasion that we did meditation i thought it was really cool. I'm not religious at all (atheist), but i am a huge fan of meditation. The way we did it that i liked best was just sitting in total silence, focusing on bodily awareness and breathing. If you're religious, i guess you could pray too, but i just sat there and let thoughts float by. a nice indica would definitely help with the whole bodily awareness thing. Just take a few hits and sit back and embrace the total silence and relaxation. I guess this doesnt help much because i wasnt trying to get closer to God, but if you put yourself in the same state of peace that i described, i'm sure you could pray much more easily and really get somewhere with your faith. Good luck, and have fun!
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    state of peace
    closer to god

    same same

    its cool you meditated at school that should be mandatory

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