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christian roommate...What to do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bobob, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. So next year I'm going to be sharing a room at the University of Colorado at Boulder with a born again christian. I know that devout Christians are against smoking weed so I'm not really sure what I should do. Should I tell him straight up that I smoke and then only smoke outside the room?
    I'm really lost here. I wasn't really expecting a super christian roommate..
    anyone with experience regarding non toker roommates esspecially christian ones your advice would be much appreciated.

    If hes against weed I have no idea how he'll react when he finds out I am going to be rolling at a few raves...
  2. Tell him I'm sorry but I worship false idols! "WEED"
  3. what's the worst that can happen by telling him?
  4. Just respect his wishes
  5. Well, once you get to know him. Just ease into letting him know that you occasionally use marijuana. Don't just come out and be like, hey you fucker I love getting high. MJ is my date...

    If you aren't a douche, usually people aren't douches back. This is coming from me who spent a year in a campus wide Christian college lol. I had to do that shit, I was 17 :(
  6. Convert to Islam right now and get devoted, he'll peace out pretty quickly. If that isn't enough, start leaving 'how to make a homemade bomb' papers all around the room.
  7. That might get you a new roommate... in jail.
  8. Yeah I know it's risky, america is pretty islamophobic so maybe scratch that idea.
  9. Yes we are, fucking crazy dudes shooting at my friends in Fort Hood man.
  10. Kind of an ignorant, broad statement. I know plenty of devout Christians that love the herb. Their argument is that "God put it here for our pleasure. In doing this I'm honoring him." That being said, not all people, Christian or not, are going to approve. Just get to know him a bit and don't rub it in his face. If he is against it, prove to him through your actions that the stereotypes aren't necessarily true. Who knows, maybe you'll even get him to try it.
  11. I too know many devout Christians that love herb. Don't assume, cause well you know what happens. Hell, he might even break out some herb of his own. You never know until you meet him man.
  12. I smoke weed.
  13. Dont tell him anything until you get to see what hes like.
    He could be a pothead or a little bitch ass snitch.

    Just feel it out
  14. Get there FIRST!

    1. Light a joint so when he walks in, he already knows what is goin down...

    2. Then proceed to stabb him (repeatedly) in the jugular, he'll die. Lights out and he'll know there is no Heaven or Hell.

    3. ????

    4. Profit! (Room to yourself)
  15. Your in Boulder Colorado man..... I think you'll be fine with the whole 'weed' thing.
  16. Marijuana has been referenced in the bible multiple times. God gave us Marijuana.
  17. Convert him to Cannabisian.
  18. Didnt this Gos character not say he has given us all the seeds, berries, plants and herbs to use?
  19. Tell him to get the hell out of Boulder if he doesn't love it.....CU is heaven.
  20. Who said devout christians dont smoke weed?

    I bet dude puffs more dank than you do ;)

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