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Christian Parents, mind altering drug

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2e3t4y5u, Mar 10, 2012.

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    n mk
  2. If they speakin on the devil, they some hardcore Kirishitans and will not budge.
    Deal with it dude, Sorry to say.
  3. Tell them that marijuana helps you connect to god, and helps you with stress or something that you use it for.
  4. damn dude that sucks... but technically even caffeine is a mind altering drug isnt it?
  5. Well I personally think christianity is a complete joke that was made up by the catholic church to gain power and control the world, which they were pretty succsessfull at. My family is christian too lol, so that would be my argument about the devil thing. And the fact that its a mind altering drug? tel them that is the fucking point lol. Than go on to tell them that just because they were weaker minded and not able to handle a measly marijuana high doesnt mean that you are unable too. The up highs and down highs thing is a pretty bad argument imo...high is high really there isnt that great of variation.
  6. They are kinda right about everything except the devil. lol
  7. All this mijo.
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    v vb
  9. Tell them what they believe in is fake and mind altering
  10. No shit it's mind altering. Tell them you'll stop smoking cannabis if they stop drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, and eating chocolate.

  11. Gah.... I won't even try to rationalize it with religion. Thats just fighting nonsense with nonsense.
  12. i just dont get my parents sometimes, once it gets medicallized here. im gonna push them to let me get it for insomnia. Then im gonna have them smoke it with me or atleast try haha.
  13. From what I've seen, you cannot change a religious persons views.. on anything.
  14. What's wrong with mind alternating drugs such as marijuana and the psychedelics? When she talks about bud making you lazy she isn't particularly educated on the different strains, Indica can make you feel couch locked aka the heavy stoned feeling which might make you lazy but it isn't necessarily an bad thing just means I want to chill and watch some Family Guy. Can't do normal things? Sativa for the daytime if your going out to do errands, etc.
  15. Hey man, if they push jesus/god on you, then it's only fair to push cannabis onto them ;):laughing:

  16. What do you mean by let you get it? Can't your grown ass self get a card on your own? Why do you need mommy and daddy to let you?
  17. I was wondering the same exact thing..

    Probably a simple reason for that.. but I don't want to be the age police.

  18. He could be of age, but just really dependent on his rents I guess.

  19. just explain to them that it doesnt alter your mind, it just slows it down so you can relax. sure you may be slightly less intelligent while high but if anything it will help you blindly follow everything written in the bible.

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