Christian lights looking like cop car lights?

Discussion in 'General' started by dave09a, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. EDIT: Christmas lights looking like cop car lights?
    Anyone else get this while driving or am I just really paranoid lately?
  2. your not paranoid,,,, ive seen some shit that made me slow down,,,,

    and ive seen some l.e.d. billboards that had me thinking the man was '' set-up''
  3. your not the only one
  4. Flashing reds and blues constantly in my rear view lately!
  5. I've had so many mini heart attacks you're definitely not alone.
  6. ehh, i can recognize cop headlights pretty well, lol. especially them damn crown vics...chargers and impalas a bit harder to tell at a distance but theres no mistakin them vics lol
  7. yeah christian lights typically remind me of police.
    you just have to know what it is i guess
  8. haha trye sometimes i'll see some blue lights off in the distance and think its a copper wit his blues goin...but for real though blue christian lights look the best on roofs fuck them shitty white lights yo
  9. There is this one house down my street, that's just out of view enough so you can't see the actual lights but you still see them reflecting off of everything.

    I kid you not they are flashing red and blue lights lol. They really get you
  10. Haha that shit happened to me today.

    I was like, god damn that house is getting swarmed by police! Must've been something big.

    Oh. That tree is blue and there's a big red Santa Claus. Nevermind.
  11. theres these lights on my way home that get me every time i'm high haha fuck those people
  12. Ik! Last weekend me and a few friends were cruising and saw those blue lights and took off thinking we were actually getting away from a popo...but instead it was those damn lights lol
  13. Stoners are hilarious, I too have bugged when I saw flashing blues or reds, just to find out its christmas lights lolol
  14. Happens allt he time up here in MN, there is this church close to my parents house and it has a very bright flashy sign out front. The background is always Red or Blue and is super bright and it flashes. THAT scares the shit outta people.

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