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" Christian extremists "

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by santaman809, May 8, 2017.

  1. Hi guys, this is my first post on GC so please take it easy.

    About a month ago I renounced my religion and everyone seems to be taking it ok. Today my parents told me that in the next month we are going to recieve a visit from out of state family members. We only get to see them on a yearly basis so they don't know about my recent conversion, they are considered extremely religious hence the title. At some point during their visit (probably the first day) they are going to want to know about how my relationship with God is doing. Personally I don't want to tell them about it because next moment the bible will be taken out and to make a long story short...I don't have the energy for that discussion ! Should I tell them or not ?

    P.s I love them alot and they mean the world to me

    Only you can free your mind
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  2. Tell them that you keep your spiritual relationship with the god of your understanding personal. Because it is as itmimate as the sex life with your spouse. Now I'd be more than happy to tell you all about my relationship with God, but first you tell me the details of your sex life. Go ahead. Right here at the dinner table, just let it all out.
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  3. They should respect whatever you believe regardless of whether they like or agree with it.
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  4. I'm gonna tell you something and just think about it. Its your life and and you can't help how you think or what u believe in just like them, but also what they believe has no affect on you and what you believe has no affect on them. They might think your crazy for not being a christian and you probably think they're crazy for believing in some twisted corrupted religion, but thats it. They're thoughts will always have 0 affect on you, no matter what they think you will remain 100% the same so who cares what they think! No matter what they think ur life will be the same. If they love you they will love you regardless, you can't live YOUR life for someone else. The people who accept you are the people you need in your life.
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  5. Yikes, good luck with this. It's been my experience with religious fanatics that they will find a reason to haul out the bible and start bashing you with it whether you give them a reason or not. I get that you care about them and don't wish to negatively impact your relationship with them but be prepared for that to happen. It won't be an easy thing for them to wrap their heads around and may take a lot of time for them to accept. In the mean time you should prepare yourself for either attempts to "save" you or failing that "condemn" you. It may take a while for them to accept it, if they ever do.
    As an Atheist I've had a mixture of reactions from religious acquaintances ranging in amusement to down right hostility. One religious fanatic classmate of mine that I had a friendly relationship with became pretty snotty after learning I was an Atheist. Instead of a "Hi" when I passed him was now greeted with "still an Atheist?". After a while I just got sick of his judgmental bullshit and told them that his snooty little question has finally caused me to embrace the Lord.....not. Followed by my best dramatic eyeroll. He eventually stopped talking to me.
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    Don't attach to God the actions of others. God is outside our ego and a process to let go of the lower natures of man. All HollyWood does is repackage biblical/zodiac myth in a secular context to draw us towards the state. All about rising above the animal, whether it be the crucifixtion of Christ, surrendering to Allah, Odin sacrificing himself to himself on the world tree, slaying the minotaur within the labyrinthe, that dude in interstellar who went through the black hole reaching singularity/death of a star(ego). Or even as shown by Neo in the matrix, The truth shall set you free. All about living thought, controlling your own mind. The animal aspect of our nature must be separated from the intellect in order to escape dialectical positions. At-one-ment of Jesus Christ(mente =mind) Neo dies at the end of the 1st Matrix and becomes The One. The death of his residual self image and his ascension above the material. His intellect separated from the animal. I am that I am.
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  7. It's your decision not theirs.No need to be rude until they force you to. After all, you and me know they can kiss your ass if they don't like it, right?
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  8. Devout or extreme? huge difference. why publicly renounce something you dont believe in?
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  10. He's just young and disappointed about something and mad at God about it...
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    At some point during their visit (probably the first day) they are going to want to know about how my relationship with God is doing.

    Respectfully say it's a personal matter you'd rather not discuss at the moment. If they don't honor your wish for privacy, then let them have it.

    Good luck
  12. wut :smoking:
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  13. Just another example of the many reasons to avoid family.
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  14. That's part of being atheist. There's nothing to talk about.
  15. Take two laxatives and leave the door cracked. When they ask you again just grab tummy and rush to the bathroom. :smoke:
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  16. If you don't have a good reason for leaving the church, I guess I also understand why you don't want to tell these people. If you have a good reason, tell them. If your reason is: "I watched a you tube video and it said God is fake" then you know exactly why you don't want to tell these people. Cause you would sound like an idiot.

    Get your argument together, and grow some balls. If you are 100% sure about this. Otherwise, better play safe with your soul and get right with Jesus.
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  17. Don't bring it up unless they do. Then simply be honest. No doubt they will "pray for you" because...well..they've been brainwashed their entire lives to somehow believe they have these magical powers and all they need do is think/direct towards their "God" and they can change the course of everything before them. (except things in the REAL world...LOL) You know the drill!

    Just look at 'em and laugh and tell them they are fuckin nuts when they start that shit. It's their problem, not yours. The FAITH you have that it's all bunk is far more realistic than the man-made, over-told, stretch-of-the-imagination Fable created by man to control man.

    There may be a higher power...but this ego-based, self-deemed, selfish "I'll pray for you and look down on you" shit isn't a part of any of it. (fart noise)

    good luck at the sermon!
  18. Not sure if OP is still around, but to anyone who walked out on their faith or is getting ready to, I'd advise to learn real quick how to stand your ground in conversations about it.

    I don't mean that in a purely aggressive way, where you harpy-screech at everyone and just hate the whole family, but rather be prepared to receive questions and be prepared to answer them well. This is for their good as well as your own.

    What I mean is, chances are, if you are someone who has denounced their given faith, your familial structure is going to be shocked. Some will even outright disapprove. Others may try to drag you back in.

    It seems best, for everyone's sake, if the apostate is capable of arguing his/her position as well as he or she can. This will both infuse them with confidence and comfort when handling family members, as well as help to conversationally diffuse any extra weird family misconceptions, like the apostate now being a Satanist, or their soul being forever lost, etc etc etc. (Shout out to my Laveyans)

    TLDR: Knowledge is power. If you're getting ready to leave a faith, you should also get ready to peacefully and aptly substantiate your new faith (or lack thereof) in conversation.
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  19. Yep totally bro "sarcasm"

    I see how mature you are lmao you got a lot of growin to do. You arent telling him to debate you are telling him to be hateful and to name call and disrespect... so im very firm with my you have a lot of growing up to do and id recommend OP not take this advise....

    Do what the poster above me recommended OP that was very straight forwarded in a nice civil manner.
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  20. However inflamed they become, you can't react. I told my parents I didn't believe in God when I was really young, so of course they spent the next several years trying to convince me otherwise. I stood my ground, and overtime they came to accept it. Today I don't believe at present, but I do believe in the possibility.

    And of course now if people come at me I tell them that if God is real, it was his plan to give me cancer.

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