Christian Anti-Masturbation Video Encourages You to Lend a Hand

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    My friend just sent me this video because well he knows me lol ​
    This shit is too funny. 
    One of the comments from the video 
     Okay people give your thoughts on the video talk about masturbation and whatnot

  2. I will remain vigilant against the evil trap of pornography.
  3. Just masturbated, felt good. 
    (^my opinion)
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    That's good soldier. Dont be afraid of being a tattletale. Help your friends on the battlefield.
    Im going to the nearest bishop. God help you
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    @Nerd139 Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God's side, for God is always right.
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    All those who wank shall receive hairy palms............and have their friends try to walk in on them. So sayeth our Lord.
  7. @[member="Nerd139"] But Sir a thick skin is a gift from God, so once Konrad Adenauer said.
  8. Which is why Satan invented the lotion
  9. Fuck these crazy Jesus obsessed lames.
    Get a fucking hobby rather than worrying about whether people are fapping or flippin the bean.
  10. Because the whole thing about beating off being like being wounded on a battlefield makes sense. I always feel pretty great after I finish
  11. Fappin is a hobby I enjoy
    What? I dont understand. I thought all soldiers when they get wounded try to bust one more nut before they die. Isnt that what they people mean when shout "Boom! Headshot"
  12. The youtube commenter simply does not understand the joy of masturbating. The risk of getting caught gives more thrill to the act.Just think about it. jerking off with door locked under the blanket, boring. or jerking off so there's a chance someone might catch you like your little baby sister,exciting!
    What this man is saying is the truth. All you have to do is jerk off with an omnipotent , omniscient and omnibeneovolent lord watching you as you jerk off. Don't leave them on the battlefield and let them experience the joy of the lord, the passion of the christ. Spread the good word.
  13. Ive been caught by my mom a couple times. Bitches need to learn to knock or make more noise when they walk down the stairs.
    One time I was masturbating in my sleep at my cousin's place and I'm not sure if she saw me but she walked into the room I was sleeping in every morning before school.
  14. i imagine im in ww2 while beatin off and my jizz is a rocket that explodes hitlers house

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  15. Hmm, have you heard of sincerity?
    When someone has the sincere belief that without Jesus we are dead in our sins and shall die to be welcomed into more pain and suffering, it's hard not to talk about him.

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    Lol yup
    And the best way is to tell people that they're wrong for fapping.

    Solid approach guys.

    I cant wait to see what's next
  17. If fapping is wrong, I don't went to be right.

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  18. Im sure plenty of people masturbate to Jesus
    And the best way to tell people is to walk in on friend and inform all his friends and family about his masturbation habits. Though for me I already tell my friends about my masturbation habits. Family...not so much
    All masturbators are wrong. Wrong all the way to the (Semen) bank
  19. Yea maybe

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