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Christ...I just messed myself up with hash! :)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lucid_Reality, Apr 5, 2003.

  1. Wow...powerful stuff. I had a tiny pinch of powder and in 5 seconds flat I was clinging to life :D or at least it felt like it :)

    wow...good bud too strong shit from bc...looks like an actual *tree*... whoa i am so stOOOOOOOOOOned :p :p

    peace everyone :)

  2. yeah, hash rocked my world last weekend and kept me nice and stoney all weekend long, it's always good to have hash on hand...
  3. ya xcept it don't taste like s**t ;)

    lol...9:53 am saturday morning...i'm already high :)

    peace all
  4. I only smoke hash cause we can only get shitty weed here!
  5. i wish i could get a hold of aoms (good) hash. hell i wish i had even some schwag right now, i got no money and no buds

  6. shitty :(
    well if you're every through BC gimme a shout i can hook you up with gooood hash :D
  7. lol you missed me by a week or so
  8. dangit :p

    well, lemme know next time you're through :)
  9. I would like to make hash brownies some time. Does hash usually sell around the same price as weed? One more question- hash is a LOT more powerful than regular weed right? So this leads me to believe that it sells for more too...
  10. I take it you don't get soapbar in the US then?

    In the UK it's £10 for an 1/8 of soapbar. And after smoking the whole 1/8 myself.. which is about 6 or so joints.. I'm only slightly high.

    Damn soapbar sucks. But it's generally all I can get hold of here.
  11. OMG £10 4 1/8 of soapbar???that sucks. I live very close 2 gloster where I can get 1/8 soapbar for £5, or 1oz of totally gr8 non-mixed stuf (1 spliff=totally fucked) for £45-if u live round here u can get it pretty sweet... unlucky man.

  12. How does UK money compare to US money? How many US dollars is 5 in the UK? I don't know how to make the symbol for UK money sorry, it's called pounds right?
  13. aaaaaah, hash~!i miss hash, its kinda dry right now, all were hookin up down here is purple kush and bubble berry, it cool and all, i just wish there was more. last time i smoked hash was with my boy lupe, i got so blazed, i passed out

  14. hashis WAY more expensive, i smoke hashish that was 55 bux a gram, it was black as night with red veins, so crazy
  15. its roughly £3 in $5 i think...just a guide tho
  16. i've had good hash before. it *does* exist. but it costs £30 for an 1/8. jungle charas.

    but then, i'd rather pay £20 for an 1/8 of some tasty, smelly, hazy skunk :D

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