Chris Webby?

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  1. Alright, this one is to all my stoner friends. If you have not yet heard of this guy you should definetly dedicate a smoke session to him, The names Chris Webby and he is a growing underground rapper from Connecticut. He makes some pretty flame shit.. If you have heard of him REPLY and Even if you haven't tell me what you think!

    [ame=]Chris Webby - Sunny Afternoon - YouTube[/ame]
  2. i don't care for dude, but I think he did a good "rich girl" remix ?

  3. What? I think your thinking of "Chris BROWN" LOL
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    idk who the fuck I was thinking of..

    heres something by him that doesn't sound too bad , since I posted in here [ame=]Chris Webby - La La La - YouTube[/ame]
    I walk into a room and everybody starts sniffin
    "Like, oh my God, I can guarantee that's Christian,"
    "It's nine in the morning yo what the fuck's with him?"
    And I'm like, "Chill! I've got a weed addiction"

  5. Dude YESS. Blaze to him i promise you won't regret it.. LA LA LA LA LA, Just break it up and smoke datttttt
  6. He's a softie from the burbs riight?

  7. ya just he's been in the game a while not to big of a fan base but has really good shit
  8. I've heard a couple of his tracks before, He's okay.. to me the beats are better than his actual vocals. He seems like he still needs to tighten up his game. Just my opinion

    Apathy is still my favorite rapper from Connecticut
  9. what's ill is that Ap respects and acknowledges what webby is doin, expressin himself through Aps track peace connecticut one of the verses is, "shout out to steez O, and chris dooleo(sp?), and chris webby gettin busy in the studio.."

    I like this track from webby, [ame=]Almost There - Chris Webby (Feat. Miss Daja) - YouTube[/ame]

    sometimes his beats/lyrics are whack/distasteful but some of his shit is pretty killer..imo
  10. sorry for dub post but please take "Gangster" off the thread tags, chris webby is anything but...................................
  11. [quote name='"tokinbud420"']sorry for dub post but please take "Gangster" off the thread tags, chris webby is anything but...................................[/quote]

    Lol I'm on the app and didn't see that but that's fucking hilarious
  12. chris webby is weak
  13. sucks alotta dick
  14. His freestyles are where it's at

    [ame=]Chris Webby - 6 Minute Freestyle Driving Through Arizona - YouTube[/ame]
  15. webby went to my high school. my sister knows him. i dont like him.

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