Chris Matthews comes out of the socialist closet

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Dronetek, May 18, 2010.

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    If you don't think there are a lot more like him in the media and both parties, your head is in the sand.

    [ame=]YouTube - MSNBC: Matthews takes aim at capitalism[/ame]

  2. Holy shit, Crissy finally grew a pair and spoke the truth!:hello:
  3. if nationalizing oil would reduce cost and the production's potential for disaster, i'm all for it.
  4. I guess Dronetek thinks BP is owning the situation

  5. IF. does it realy? or are you just believing it when people say it does that?

    It would definatly not reduce costs. Government workers are well paid. That ups costs. Safety inspectors cost money to. More costs.

    And potential for disaster is always present. Hell I could die tommorow working in the orchard.
  6. [ame=]YouTube - Ronald Reagan on Capitalism and Socialism[/ame]
  7. Reagan was sure good at saying what they told him to say, guess thats why he was an actor ;)
  8. i think his point was more the ridiculous profit margin of these oil companies. you can run an operation and keep employees paid without making billions in excess.

    perhaps you misunderstood what i meant by disaster. an oil spill is a disaster. an orchard losing 1 employee, however tragic for their friends and family, is not a large scale disaster.

  9. Oh you are totally not conservative, not at all (seriously, get the fuck out of your OWN closet).

    Oh, oops, almost forgot- WOOT SOCIALISM!

    Seriously Dronetek, you're such a dirty capitalist.
  10. Yeah, damn those expensive safety inspectors.

    How about we cut the military in half?

  11. Yeah, China would love that. :rolleyes:
  12. what happens when their is a disaster under nationalized oil?

    The tax payers can pick up the bill!!! MORE TAXES!! YAY!!!

    If people don't like high oil prices, then either don't use oil or fund your own program to get oil out of the ground.
  13. Sorry just pointing out a real cost. But I guess its more convinient in furthering politcal agenda's when you leave out facts.

  14. After all, safety inspectors are just a luxury, because nothing ever goes wrong.
  15. i would imagine nationalized oil, whose interests don't lie solely with profit, having more stringent safety standards. an interesting article on the subject of safety within oil production.

    who do you think is picking up the bill anyway? that oil has to be cleaned up and it will be the tax payers of the states affected.

    the notion that people can just up and stop using oil is funny to me. unless you can figure out how to keep your lawn mowed with either a pair of clippers or an antique lawn mower, you need gas to keep your lawn mowed so you aren't subjected to local government fines. some people rely solely on their vehicles to get around. not everyone is capable of walking or riding a bike long distances, and most people are a decent ways from a food source. getting oil out of the ground yourself is just hilarious.
  16. Look what wonders nationalizing things has done for Venezuela!

    Just think the DMV will be running oil drilling!
  17. Or look what nationalizing health has done for cuba, it has better health care then the US!

  18. Zomg, Michael Moore said it so it must be true!

    You do realize, of course, that Cuba is running out of toilet paper?

    Cuba faces toilet paper shortage - Americas & Caribbean -

    But free healthcare!!! It works!! Because it's free!!
  19. Sorry I pointed out something thats true. You can't just deny reality cause it doesn't support your cause. To make rational decisions you have to weigh all costs.
  20. So, why do people risk their lives and float on rafts to America? Why don't you live in Cuba?

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