Chris Christie at Large, and I mean LARGE!!

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Buzzer777, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. This guy is really a piece of work..He must like being HUUUUGE!
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  2. Hate that retarded fatass
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  3. His waist size is measured in feet.
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  4. Christie and NJ go together very well. Both shite
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  5. Fat shaming lefties, critique the man for his politics. There's plenty of substance there.

    Dissing him for being fat, like so many other Americans are, is not a good strategy.
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  6. Nor would I say dissing an entire state is. Try to stay away from the politics of petulance and bullying, tempting as it is, and turn instead towards sound critique. Trump was dissed all the way to the white house.
    Reconsider your tactics.

    All due respect, Lenny.
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  7. That triple deluxe bacon cheeseburger he's holding looks delicious.
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  8. i didnt mean to bully new jersey... it's just too easy!
  9. Sorry if I didn't laugh. My ideological allies in America have been charging off cliffs for well over a year now by acting like high school bullies.
    It's time to introduce some maturity to political discussion in America. Do you disagree? I quote you not to single you out, but because you are reasonable, and wise enough, I think, to see what's going on.
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  10. no one is dissing him for being fat, they're dissing him for being a hypocrite and pointing out his gluttonous fat fuckin ass as evidence . you are reasonable and wise enough to see what's going on.

    you are always mentioning what got trump elected, but here's one for you. because he didn't talk like a politician. he talked like an average american talks. this is how we talk online and in private company.

    making fun of someone's weight? yeah that's what a lot of us do, it has nothing to do with maturity level.

    this is as america as it gets.

    Christie wants to enforce draconian laws against marijuana, whining about addiction and parroting reefer madness propaganda, meanwhile his addiction to food is straight up lethal. hypocritic fat mother fucker who governs over a shit state.
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  11. I don't doubt the contrarianism in America; you tell someone to consider their tactics, they are going to double down. Let me attempt the socratic approach:

    1) Being gluttonous and therefore fat has something to do with hypocrisy? How so?
    2) Making fun of someone for their weight has nothing to do with maturity? Are you honestly telling me that calling someone fat - and with such vicious ferocity - as an argument in a political discussion is mature?
    3) Do you think Christie equates food - which affects physical health - with marijuana - which primarily effects the mind? What about his voters?

    You don't need to convince me, you need to convince the person who follows Christie, votes to keep him in power and agrees with him. The way to do this is with the second-to-last sentence you posted, which is exactly what I'm fishing for. Some policy!

    Personal insults will get you nowhere, brother. :( It feels good, it feels viciously good to rip into someone for their easily-spottable faults - but it is poor strategy. Trump acted in similar fashion, but which came first, the chicken or the egg? He's the result of a vicious spiral that has been going on for a long time. You bully someone long enough through their attempts at dialectic, then they'll search for a bully of their own.
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  12. I just wanna say that I went to Trenton New Jersey and ate a sandwich called the "Fat Bitch" which had chicken strips, Philly Cheesesteak meat, marinara sauce, deep fried mozerella sticks, fries, and topped with onion rings. It was fucking amazing and after the first bite I realized why Chris Christie is so large. This kind of sandwich was being served by several places and the New Jersey people were very proud of it.

    This kind of sandwich paired with the toxic New Jersey environment will eventually create a man like Chris Christie who is a fat fuck with nothing better to do than yell about some ridiculous political agenda with a big bite of a fat bitch sandwich in his mouth. He is a huge hypocrite and while he talks about how bad cannabis is he is busy stuffing his face while signing off bills that deregulate dirty industry with a pen that uses hamburger grease for ink.

    Behold, the fat bitch sandwich. The symbol of New Jersey, pride of the state, in all its greasy glory. If Chris Christie was a sandwich this would be him. I'll pair this with an image of the wonders he has done for his state and for the environment! Just imagine driving down the NJ turnpike (which will cost you around $20) while slogging down a good ole fat bitch sandwich looking at the beautiful scenery off the highway. Now that is the paradise Chris Christie has created for his beloved state.
    tour 17.jpg tour 26.jpg
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  13. I can't understand why Trump never made him an underboss.

  14. It's about image, thats very important to Don. For the longest time the right went after CC, saying that he was too much of a suck up to BO.That plus the man is a total scumbag.
  15. it's just some online banter in a weed forum man...
    i dunno what you want me to say, not gonna lie about my opinion because its literally non-pc
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  16. Very far from a leftist lol but alright. And Europe has plenty of fat people yet that doesn't stop Europeans from bitching about Americans, when they've never even been to America.
  17. I don't disagree with anything you say here, at all. In fact, I strongly agree with most of it. I'll add, in case you think differently, that I've lived in Texas for three years, dated two seperate American girls (Oregon, California), have family in Washington state whom I'll be visiting in just a tenday, and I swim in several soups that are filled with many different kinds of Americans. You're a very diverse peoples.

    This is not a 'bitching at Americans' thing. This is a questioning critique for the political landscape you choose to move into. It is my opinion that you'd be better served with policy-oriented discussion, instead of insult-based petulance.

    Do you think this kind of political discussion has led you towards a President Trump? The more people that engage in insulting instead of discussing, does this help defuse the volatile situation we have right now?
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    I think my points have been made, and I'm happy to disengage here, if that's where we're at.

    Edit: Know your enemy, is the crux of my argument here, instead of mock him. In case you are confused at what I'm getting at here, it's that empathy for the Christie voter is best way to defeat the Christie voter, and it's the Christie voter that keeps him in power. Go to the source of the problem, and try to be the bigger man. How's that for ending on a pun?

    All due respect to you, Lenny.
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  19. Fair enough and true in most situations but under casual circumstances ie a weed forum I don't see a problem with some shit talking. If you're talking about people at protests or on tv or a place where discussion should be taken more seriously then I agree, that type of behavior is rather cancerous and counterproductive for everyone.
    Trump got elected because enough people saw Hillary as a corrupt puppet and viewed Trump as a superior alternative. Like I said, in terms of serious political talk of course insulting isn't productive. I didn't leave my original comment with the intentions of having a serious discussion however.
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