Chopppers? Pffffff.t Drones?????? (1st arrest with drones)

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    Could they use drones for finding pot?

    What you think about this?

    At least you would not be freaked out like when you see choppers. You will never see the drone.

    Court Upholds Arrest of First US Citizen Based on Drone Surveillance -- News from

    A judge at a district court in North Dakota has issued the first ruling on domestic drone use, saying that the arrest of a man during which surveillance drones were used was not “improper” and that it has “no bearing” on charges brought against the man.
    [​IMG]The arrest was the result of a dispute over laws in North Dakota surrounding wandering livestock, and police attacked the man, Rodney Brossart, on his property after he refused to return six cows which had wandered onto his property.
    Brossart's lawyer sought the charges of “criminal mischief” thrown out because of the warrantless use of drones, as well as a number of other “constitutional violations” including tasering him.
    The relatively minor charges against Brossart may well serve as the first legal precedent for police use of surveillance drones against civilians on American soil. The prosecution had argued that the “mischief” was committed before the drones were deployed, and that therefore they weren't relevant to the charges.
  2. Interesting for it's a domestic drone use case. I wonder if states will start using these domestic drones to search out MJ.
  3. if anyone had bothered to read the info...the drones ARE NOT part of the actual case... up on the case before making grandstanding claims like the sites that get paid by the 'visits' you linked too...
    the drone was not how they busted him, it was brought in after they had determined he had the cows and he had incident with the local law related to the they could see if it was safe to proceed onto the property and arrest him. (he was going to be arrested regardless of a drone being used or not)

    I.E...this is not a case of drones being used illegally or unconstitutionally.

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