Chopping the lower leafs

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by HypnoticElement, May 3, 2011.

  1. When is it ok to chop lower leafs to allow more light during flowering? I'm 23 days into flower and the ladies are bushy as hell, I'd like to allow a little more light for the buds. Is it a normal practice? I've seen a whole bunch of people do so. Thanks.
  2. its all about what you prefer as a grower.
    ive heard people swear by the trim as you flower method.
    ive heard people who say its bad to prune any leaves ever.

    personally, i trim if leaves are blocking budsites that have the potential to grow big. otherwise i just let my lady grow as she will.

    every plant is different, dont be afraid to try new things, i think you'll find weed is a very resilient plant.
  3. Buds and stems don't require or benefit from light, only your plants leaves do. The more exposed leaves, the better.
  4. the leaves collect the sunlight and store it for food for night time. then at night the food is transported throughout the plant to feed it. the buds do not collect sunlight and store it for food.

    ask yourself this question. would the Cannabus plant grow these leaves if they didnt serve a purpose? if the leaves fall off by touching them then they are most likely dead/almost dead and its all right.

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