Choppin in the rainforest

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  1. Just about to mellow out n smoke a fat joint, while im chillin here in the rainforest. What do you guys lovew about being high in the forest? For me im really diggin the roos jumpin round and the rain definetly adds to the mellowness.
  2. Im jealous, honestly. I have always wanted to go to the rainforest. Where are you from?

  3. queensland, australia
  4. I like to get really stoned and pick mushrooms.

  5. fuckin ay
  6. The rain turned into a hail storm and now piggmies are after me because i killed their leader?
  7. Choppin' choppin'.

    Friend of a friend had a huge property that we stayed at. Super awesome bush land surrounding and some fine bushy sativa made for a nice time.
  8. I make my living picking mushrooms in old growth forest in northern BC, which is pretty much rainforest. Same with burned out forests, but that's for different kinds of mushrooms.

    Nothing like taking a half hour hike up a near vertical incline and sitting down at the log on the top to smoke a bowl. :smoke:
  9. You make your living picking mushrooms? That's cool!! What kind, if you don't mind me asking?
  10. From the FNQ, or whereabouts in Queensland?

    Is there a toker on the planet who doesn't love sparking one up while surrounded by the natural world? It just makes the whole experience that much more organic and peaceful.

  11. Morels in the spring and summer.
    Pine, orange chantrelle, winter chantrelle, sweet tooth, cauliflower, lobster, and bear's tooth in the summer and fall.:hello:

  12. so none of the magic kind?
  13. I prefer being stoned on the beach, but the forests of the Pacific Northwest really do make for some beautiful scenery on a summer day.

    I feel very fortunate to live in the area of the country that I do.
  14. You're the man if you're out chiefing in a rainforest. Outside in general is the ish.
  15. Your from far NQ, whereabouts? I'm from Townsville myself and whenever I'm in rainforests I can spend heaps of time just lying on the ground looking up at the trees and what not :)

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  16. The thing i like most about smoking in the bush, is that nature always keeps my thoughts positive.  And it feels like the plants keeps me focused, because they have so much detail and pattern.
    Also it is the best place to sit down and just chill afterwards. Then you start hearing and seeing all the animals, especially the insects and lizards.
    I remember this time i saw a jumping spider, and since i was so high it was like he was the big bad hero in a legend. Jumping around, constantly jump spinning to watch his back, and moving his mandibles like the arms of a boxer.  He was heading towards my leg where there were a couple mosquitoes flying around, when out of nowhere this lizard runs in from around the corner of my leg, and ate the spider.      At the time this was pretty dramatic. :smoking:
  17. I wish we had roos in Cali. I love to smoke in the redwood forest because those trees are just too fuckin awesome. It's spiritually humbling for me to sit amongst those giants. I feel like a guest in thier home. Absolutly fuckin beautiful!
  18. Hunting. Nothing better than a bowl of dank and my .300 stalking prey.
  19. Looking at the cool tree and leaf patterns, the shade, the breeze. Ahhh :)

    We all love the green
    You and I
    Let's smoke some weed
    & get high! :)


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