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  1. today i went out for breakfast & the cook give me a big bag mixed with egg shells & coffee grinds and i also was at the grocery store(meat market) and i asked the guy if he had any old fish. he gave me a big bag of all kinds of hugh fish all cut i have a worm bin (started last week) do i grind up the egg shells & put them in or just put them in broken up with the coffee grinds( i have alot of corn peels too for the worm bin..any good)
    My soil is still cooking its been around 4 weeks, should i put egg shells in the cooking soil or the worm bin for the fish, would it be a good idea to put a little chopped up fish in each pot. i know you are not supposed to add meat to the worm bin but i was thinking of adding some fish to it(is that a good idea)
    sorry for all the qeustions...Thanks for the help & info :smoke:  
    I have learned alot in this organic part of the forum, its a great hobby...Thanks :gc_rocks:  

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  2. First off, I'd pop those fish in the freezer till you get a plan of some sorts. Good stuff, but will get really vile, really quick.
    Eggs shells are best ground and myself, I don't mess with them anymore. Just too easy to add a handful of lime whenever. It gets added to my peat based worm bedding anyway and the cost is literally just pennies.
    The coffee grounds are GTG as is and is probably 85% of what I feed my worms.
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  3. Sounds like a perfect start to a compost heap - once you add some additional carbon based material; ie: old leaves, manure, etc - at which point I would then use it as worm food. I would allow these items to break down some first, but if Wet says coffee grounds are ok then they are ok. It's the fish I'd worry about.

    The issue here would be animals going after the fish. You'd have to cage it in. I think you'd be asking for some serious stinky ass trouble adding rotting fish to your pots of soil before it is composted. It will smell to high heaven and draw nasty flies - and who knows what.

    My thoughts, anyhow...
  4. Wow, it's been a minute since I've been to GC and man has the layout changed!! I buried a bunch of fish scraps from a mullet fishing trip in my in-ground worm bed last winter, and it seems to have made it unhospitable for the wigglers. All other factors are basically the same, so I can only assume something about the decomposition of the fish they didn't jive with.
  5. Poppy!

    My thoughts exactly on the fish, and why I suggested composting it first.

    Man, but it's good to see you! It has been a minute, hasn't it... Lol


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