chop the bad and keep the good? please help..

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  1. hello grasscity.. yes this is my 1st post here.. not really a newb.. (usually on but they havent been answering a crucial question for me.. hoping that u hear at grass city can...

    i think my flood tank on my ebb n flow is too small(1st grow-big mistake).. but it seems as if the one plant is thriving but not the other.. they had same light nutes and schedules.. in about 8th week of flowering..

    one is looking very healthy, still producing/thickening buds... the other is still alive... but leaves browning and hasnt produced/thickened any of the buds in weeks...

    my 2 questions are...

    1- if my flood tank isnt big enuff could one plants roots kinda "overtake" and kill it off??? ie: suffocating the weakers roots??

    2- since it isnt producing nemore bud... should i go ahead and chop and hang and have me some lil popcorn buds to smoke on untill the big sexy girl is ready?? or should i continue to wait??

    thanks for all your help!!!!! all comments highly appreciated
  2. Yes of course thats how nature works. If there's only a limited amount of food or w/e to go around the stronger ones will overtake the weak ones. Survival of the fittest. And that sounds like whats happening, you don't have a big enough tank for 2 plants so the stronger one is taking over.

    I would, thats just me though. Since your almost at the end you should give all the water and nutes you can to the bigger one and stop the little one from taking some of that. Hopefully your bigger one will florish in the next few weeks with no one around to compet with. Like I said that's just me though.

    Btw welcome to GC. :smoking:
  3. hey thanks for makin me feel welcom green man... i have made up my mind that im just going to chop her down in the morning.... have sum presmoke untill my monster is ready...greenman... my other plant is lookin beautiful! i think one of my main colas ( i fimmed) looks like it will have at least a 16 inch bud! im loving it... anyways thanks for the answer bro! it is highly HIGHLY appreciated!

    btw green man... im thinkin bout this for a harvest method... cut tomorrow morning.. trim most fan leaves off and hang dry(upsidedown) for around 2 days(as they'll only be lil popcorn buds and should dry qwik).. after that i was gonna cure them for a week prolly.. and i hear its wise to burp (open container letting moisture leave) 2-3 times a day for 15 mins... if curing does all it says it does and produces that good chronic aroma / great taste / and brings out more thc into buds(from stems and other leaves) and ill wait another week! before b4 harvesting my good baby! hoping for at least a qp outta that one plant! again grassman thanks for ur help

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