Chop on different Flush Days?

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  1. Answer is yes. At least I hope I will. I searched for a couple hours and couldn't find anything on it. What I mean is to chop a cola every day starting from day 6, because I belive that a flush is extremely crucial, all the way to day 14. I would jar each seperately,with about the same amount in each jar and cure for the same amount of time to get a good baseline of what each would taste like. I have at least 7 colas on branches that look to be the same size. Should I post this progress here or somewhere else? Thanks!! Cheers

  2. Well, I'm an organic soil grower so we don't flush. But yes, I like to harvest at differnt times if the opportunity presents itself. Like this current crop. A bud got so big it broke off at about 7 weeks. I have it drying now and looks like it is going to be a good one. If time and space and stash are not an issue you can harvest a little each week and create "vintages" like 8 weeks 9 weeks.
    there is also a technique called "double harevest" where for growers who just let their plants grow untouched can harvest the top buds and remove all growth and that leaves you with a lot of smaller buds that were under the canopy a chance to mature. And those buds although small can be quite potent.
  3. Looks like you started already! Color me interested...

  4. I don't see any good reason to do this, but...

    You would need to have each individually tested to determine chemical content

    Depending on how big the plants are, I will chop over a couple days. just because it's an arduous boring task


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