Choosing the best Reflector: Light lost in cool-tube reflectors

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by luvsdaherb, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Hi, I am a new grower with a question.

    I am considering using a HTG supply Cooltube reflector OR one of the open air double parabolic horizontal reflectors.

    If I use the cooltube, I can get my lights a lot closer to the plants without worrying about the heat, but I am skeptical that they are efficient because of the internal light reflection from the housing itself.

    By the way, I am planning on using four 600 watt high pressure sodium lamps, organic grow.

    Any experienced growers that can help me? I'd appreciate it.
  2. Concerns about light reflection from the housing??? Sorry not following.
  3. I use cool tubes, striped off the reflectors that came with them and added some batwings and they are the best I have found, good luck
  4. What I mean is, will the clear plastic/glass tube reflect any light back; is it really transparent or not?

    The room is 8ft. by 8 ft, four 600 watt hps lights.
  5. i think he means the way sunlight is partially blocked by a pane of glass(EX: windows...)
  6. ditch the reflectors and hang your bulbs vertically. you could grow pounds with 4 600's. look up heath robinson.
  7. I don't want to invest tons of money into a vertical grow.

    And yes, I want to know if the pane of glass in the cool tube stops any light from passing through. But, I can get the lights closer with cool tubes, which is great.

    Does everybody understand my dilemma now?

    Experienced growers, please do comment. Thanks!
  8. yes, cooltubes reduce the amount of usable light that reaches your plants. if you have to aircool your lights, and want to maximize your light output, then a standard aircooled hood is the only way to go.

    Air cooled reflector testing with Digital footcandle meter - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums

    thats an awesome thread, where various fixtures are tested for light output. The consensus worst category is cooltube.

    the consensus best reflector is Sunlight Supply's Super Sun 2. The Super Sun 1 was tested to be nearly as efficient, with a smaller size.

  9. Yes and receive all the light that comes from the end of the bulb while the rest hits empty walls.
  10. The glass does absorb some of the light, not much but more than zero. But since it allows you to move the light closer, the net effect is more light to the plant.

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