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  1. i was wondering when you looking for seeds and it says Example: month harvest : October , and flowering weeks: 8. well what if it dont have the month harvest and just got the flowering weeks listed? how would i know when it will harvest outside?
  2. Usually with most seeds, it is to late to plant outside, i'm not saying you can't but your usually supposed to plant in april so you'd be a few months late.
    Your best bet, if you want to plant outside, is to look into autoflowers. They grow in a minimum of 50 days, to about 10 weeks. THey only get 16 inches tall, there very easy to grow because of the short time, some people even grow them on window panes and what not, but you wont yield alot if you dont take care of it. Each plant yields around 45 grams if properly maintained, theres been reports of people yielding up to 96 grams per plant, but thats indoors.
    Check out herbies seed shop, look for autoflowering as the photoperiod, and choose feminised seeds, theres some really nice bud.
  3. if you can tell me where i can get an Autoflowering dwarf the yields close to 45 grams per plant let alone 96 grams of anything like decent bud, i will be forever in your debt...
  4. in another forum someone yielded 96 grams of fresh weight from red dwarf. im growing a shit load of different autos right now and ill tell you from what ive seen so far which one is the best

    red dwarf.....strechier then the other strains im growing...double height...smelly great yielding strain so far

    big devil....not very strechy but very bushier....grows like a monster almost double the speed then the others.....great strain so far and has high heat resistence then red dwarf. 500g/m2 or so it says lol...ill be the judge.


    low production...shitty genetics....3 out of 5 seeds were black in the inside and the 4th seed died as a seedling for no reason..... the 5th seed is doing great but has about a 1/3 of the bud of red dwarf.

    caution: pakistani and afghani.....

    one pakistani was black in the inside....the rest sprouted and are growing with a little less vigor then the big devil. and other people have trouble with them flowering.
  5. ok well yea i already got plenty of auto's . but say if i started it in my homemade box, and let it sit ther for bout a month and half then throw it outside. and let it bud up the months of sept. and october? what u think about that.
  6. green poisen from sweet seeds is good for that....short flowering cycle...large yield..20% thc
  7. ummm sound good ,but does it sound like enough time to do what it has to do? with any strain that i use that harvest around October ?
  8. Depending on your location, October is too late to harvest, the rain has moved in, and between budrot and budworms, you don't end up with much.
  9. ok well i kno here the time starts to change like in sept. the days start gettin shorter. so whatcha think about that?
  10. i think you can do it with any strain really as long as your getting a clone already vegged. but im not an outdoor expert....i grow indoor.
  11. @ OP

    6 week flowering times = Sept 15
    7 weeks = Oct 1st
    8 weeks = mid Oct.

    if you live above 45% this is a bit different

    and yes you can plant a seed now and harvest still..just do not expect much return for your effort... Autos are the way to go, if you have to plant after the summer solstice.

    hope that helps

    try reading this and see if it helps you find an better answer...

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