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choosing my new vape. help????

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by blowitbydaoz, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. so my buddy just bought my buddha off me, quite sad but i just want something new. i know a lot about vapes and smoking in general its just theirs so many mixed reviews out there. the extreme q gets 5 stars and i can get for around 150 on amazon but im not sure. any ideas? i no the mflb is cheap and good but i want alot of fat vapor and a bag vape like the no2, and has anyone used the thermovape it looks sick
  2. Get the airizer extreme q. You can get it shipped to your door off of ioffer for 160. Best vape hands down for anywhere near the money. Not very portable though.
  3. The Extreme-Q is amazing. I would definitely choose that. Or if you're wanting a portable one, I'd get the Da Vinci. Both are great.
  4. The dah Buddha or SSV are probably the best whip style vaporizer. If your looking for the whip and plug in style I'd say go with that, if your looking for more portable then look into the rem pen or the atmos portable vape with the dry herb attachment but I wouldn't recommend getting the MFLB as they suck. Also look into the NO2 vapir... The volcanos are pretty nice but really I think the whip style or portable are a lot more convenient and if done right are just as good as any volcano. The arizer q looks like a really nice vape too and you can switch from bag to whip but in the SSV and Da Buddha it's only a whip. However 7th floor who makes Da Buddha and SSV will also let you customize your vape with handblown glass, extra water filtration, and putting their pictures or your own you took on the metal outside of the vape. I'd say look into all of these and more if you want then find the right one that suits your needs.
  5. Extreme Q, don't listen to any of these 12 year olds and their MFLB.
  6. are you looking for a portable or a desktop
  7. i know you said you wanted a bag vape but i have a plenty, its a whip made by storz and bickel and its great

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