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  1. Wassup g.c new to the scene been reading and researching for a while now and finally got my seed order. I have a 6 bulb around 320watts t5 and a vertical 400 watt mh which one would you guys use for veg and flower. I dont have money for Any lights this 2 were gifted to me. Working with 2x4 tent and 3x4 closet
  2. Use both for vegatation. If that's all you're going to invest in your graden then you'll have to use both lights for both veg and flowering stages. Just switch up the light schedule to 12/12 when you're ready to flower, but if you want to invest more into it you are going to want hps (high pressure sodium) lights for flowering. As many as you can get. You can never have too much light, but I wouldn't spend all that money on bulbs because those lights are like $35 a pop. I would buy a lot of cfl bulbs and place them in points where the hps lights can't hit the bud sights. I would get those cfl bulbs now, use that for your vegatation lights, then when your plants are ready to flower, go out and buy three hps lights for over head coverage, then place those cfl bulbs accordingly like I said before. Good luck man.
  3. Nah Man i want to invest more But pack of funds due to new baby and bills
    But ok thank you
  4. You can simply buy separate hot5 bulbs veg and flower
    Veg ~ 6500
    Flower ~ 3500
    ZooMed Florasuns can be used for both
  5. So..... for flowering you want maximum lumens, which is the mh. It's a shame because the mh will be soooo good for veg, and if you had a hps instead the t5 bulbs are good for veg and would compliment it well, but what can you do?
    If your ballast is compatible with a hps bulb, then when you have to replace the mh bulb you got for free (1-2 grows usually because they loose effectiveness) replace it with a hps instead.  Not only is hps a better colour spectrum for flowering, watt for watt it has more lumens than mh too.  At the end of the day though, the mh will do.
    Actually what I would suggest is you use mh for your first round of veg while you have nothing flowering, and then when you have to start using that for flowering, then power up the t5s in the closet for your clones or whatever.
  6. What? For flowering you want HPS...and MH for veg.
  7. He doesn't have HPS, he says he has MH and T5s.  So out of MH and t5s, which would you use for flowering and which for veg?  "Get a hps mate" is not a very helpful answer to that question.
    MH has more lumens than the T5s, so use Mh for flowering.  Yes HPS is the 'flowering' bulb and MH is the 'veg' bulb, but actually both work fine on their own for everything, and we don't have a HPS to use.
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    Gotcha, fair enough man. Sorry, miscommunication. I would say try both if you have sufficient ventilation, both the HID and T5
  9. yea I didnt think he probably got a vertical mh shop light until I posted already

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