Choosing a waterpipe

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    Either the first or the third, in my opinion.

    Sure, the second has a fancier, bigger perc... but that doesn't justify the price difference for me. I would go with the first, because the ash catcher will keep your bong cleaner and diffuse the smoke well. It would probably filter the smoke about evenly (maybe a little better) than the third bong as well.
  2. all cheap china glass.
  3. 5 mm glass is not that bad, a bong that's knocked over will break

  4. Little negative are we?
  5. China to the bone haha. ITs gonna be very fragile but seems like standard 5mm thickness. Just look out with those trees.

  6. agreed. if you're dead set on those i would probably go for the first or maybe the second. if you don't mind spending a little more though ($60-$70) i would take a look at HVY, PHx, or SYN. they've got some ones with percs for a little over $200 and the quality is going to be more there on those.

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