Choosing a T5 light for vegging - Tek Two vs Tek Four vs Other

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  1. Hello all. I am about to purchase a T5 light for vegging. I am currently growing with a 400w MH/HPS in a 2' x 3' x 8' closet, but I want to turn it into a perpetual system. The space for vegging will be 28.5" tall, though I may be able to add some height if absolutely necessary.

    My question is, for this size veg area, would a 2' 2-lamp High Output T5 be sufficient, or should I go with a 2' 4-lamp High Output T5? I know I know, more light is usually better, but I am also thinking in regards to heat and space. I have one ~400cfm fan pulling air through a carbon filter that will exhaust both grow areas.

    Additionally, what do you all think of the Tek Two's and Tek Four's from HTGsupply? The Tek Two's claim to output 10,000 lumens and the Tek Four's claim to output 20,000 lumens. Which of these would be better for vegging in a 2' x 3' closet? Or is there a better similarly priced option?

    Tek Four - HTG Supply - 2 Foot 4 Lamp PL-55 Tek Lamp
  2. The PLLs put off much more light per watt. Much better than the standard 2' T5.
  3. You need both really. The PLLs or CFLs do put off more watts but they do not put off the right amount of lumens that the T5s do. so if you could rig up Both that would be ideal.
  4. im gonna try the 2' 4 bulb t5 and im a cubed box about 4x2x4' . ... as far as heat, ive heard they r cool to the touch and a small breeze should be sufficent so id say what u have going is prime. "IVE HEARD" I will be purchasing my light by the end of next week...
  5. i like that...i havent done to much research on LEDs. Hows that workin for ya?
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    My research on LEDs has led me to believe that they are quite a bit more expensive than T5s and work about the same. I also hear they can be harder to use properly. For those reasons ive been avoiding LEDs. How much was the one in the picture?

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