Choosing a strain; is this possible?

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    Hello all!

    I'm a new member to GC and this is my first post. Seems like a great community here.

    I've been gathering info and will be gathering equipment over the next few months to start my first grow. So excited. I need to choose the right strain for my setup. I've done research on different strains, but I can't seem to pinpoint what I'm looking for.

    I don't have a lot of experience with smoking known strains. In college I smoked a fair amount, but was never given any names of what I was imbibing. Based on pics I saw, my regular supply seemed to be Thai (or Super Thai?), which I quite enjoyed.

    I love a creative, high energy high that gets me talking, exploring my mind, making music, etc. I don't like being on lock-down for days on end. I think I'm a sativa man.

    The problem seems to be sativa's growth height. I'm absolutely restricted in my living situation to a micro-stealth grow for personal use. I will probably do a PC box grow similar to: [ame=""]this one[/ame]

    Can anyone in the know point me in the direction of a good cerebral/creative effect strain, or a personal preference, that I can grow in a setup like this? Is this possible?
  2. I'm a micro grower myself, and the best way to keep your plants height in check is to dictate the flowering time. If you flower early the plant will yield less, but height wont be out of control. The plant almost doubles in size when flowering, so if you have 3 feet of grow space, maybe you'd flower when it's about 16'-18' long. You can experiment with different veg times, and then find the best height that suits you.
  3. Thanks guys...

    Have you smoked the Easy Ryder, halitzor? Sounds really interesting. I tried googling it for about 20 minutes to find out more about the effects and duration of the high, but didn't find much info.

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