Choosing a Bubbler in the $80-100 range. Advice?

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  1. So I have decided to buy a glass bubbler and I have an $80-100 price range. I want something that looks nice, but smooth hits are even more important to me. This will be my first bubbler purchase.
    I think I would prefer one that stands up, as opposed to a pipe looking one, but I am not dead set on that. I am also thinking I might want a double chamber bubbler. Not sure. What do you guys like? Where have you had a good experience shopping for them?
    Thank you.
  2. That thing looks so easy to knock over.

    Im sure it gives a good hit, but every time someone posts a pic of that piece I just feel like it would be easy to knock over.
  3. Go to and search for glass bubbler. Then click on the $50 - $100 on the left side of the page.

    U will find all kinds of cool bubblers in yer price range.


    Thats pretty sick for 65 bucks man! Leaves u with money to buy some weed to smoke out of it. :D

    There are plenty others in your price range though...
  4. A sherlock bubbler would be sick, depends on your LHS prices but they are usually $50-75 at my LHS

  5. Nice I checked it out and found a pretty sweet bubbler.

    I am going to wait till I get home Wednesday to check out the head shop and then decide what I'm going to do
  6. get a custom from GMD! they're amazing mini stemless bubblers, typically around the 100 dollar range for all the basics. Unfortunately, because of their popularity, the wait time is to start around August these days, but you really can't go wrong with the quality of glass and and amazing customer service. Take a look at this thread:

    I've gotten a disc diffused bowl and disc diffused carbon filter package from them before, and I'm sure many others can attest to the quality of their work, so its well worth the wait.
  7. Go to artfire and look up cascadia glassworks, I got a sick inline bubbler for them a little while ago. It's in your price range

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