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    Ok gentlemen I know this is posted a million times each week but I guess everyone has different preferences in what they're looking for. Right now I have a small custom bubbler from a certain craft site. It's nice has a slide etc but I would like to make to transition to a bong.

    My price range is $80-150, looking for something that can be stored in a gym bag and/or backpack as it will be moving around a bit. Glass on glass is preferred since I plan on purchasing additions(ashcatcher, new bowls etc). Any extras such as percs or ice pinch are nice but the main goal is superior build quality for this price range, I want something that won't shatter easily if it tips over.

    I appreciate the help in advance, right now I am looking at a straight tube for 110 from ALT. This will however be my time purchasing a bong and I would appreciate advice from people who know more about the joint sizes and percs, even bowls.

    Oh and on another note: Should I wrap his glass in a towel, perhaps put one inside as well when in storage(in a gym bag/backpack) to protect it? Is that necessary?

    **Just a quick note: I don't care about brand names, it's nice but I'm not getting anything all that special for this price range.**
  2. That's a nice piece, any reason why you'd go beaker over tube, I do like that it is 9mm over most piece under 200 that I see at 5mm which scares me a bit.
  3. I don't really have a preference but some people say straight tubes clear faster but I never cared enough to test. It's a tank dude. I'd go for it but keep looking around.
  4. For that range you should get a $110 syn thats about 12-13 inches which is portable and the glass is super durable for being carried around and stuff.
  5. straights to clear faster, which i prefer, but the hvy 9mm is an awesome choice, then after get a SG gridded downstem. You can also get the mgw 7mm
  6. I got one of the SYN 12in 45mm straight tubes for around 90 bucks with the 4/20 sale and with a showerhead downstem it rips. Very nice hitting tube and it is a fun tube to hit when we're feeling lazy.

  7. I agree with all of this.
    They hvy will be great and if you upgrade the stem it can be fantastic, and I lov MGW tubes as well.
    The suggestion to get a SYN isn't a bad idea either. You can get a syn tube for around 100-120 depending on which version you like best, then add the SG downstem for 60. All in all it will be a little over your budget, but very worth the extra $20-30 bucks for something well made, durable, and upgradeable.
    Also, 5mm glass is quite durable. Obviously not as durable as a 7 or 9, but 5 is pretty strong.
  8. MGW Tube

    Unfortunately the MGW 7mm is out of stock, I like it best right now since it fits the price range, has ice pinch which is a nice bonus, straight tube, and within 2 weeks after I can have the downstem for it.

    Question is where can I get one for a similar price now -.-
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    Sent you a PM with a link, hope you enjoy!

    EDIT: i just checked, i guess they're not in stock there either sorry :(
  10. I appreciate it though contacting both sites to try and get a date on when they might have more in stock. For now I will do the responsible thing and purchase a fat 1/4 of some nice purp. :smoke:
  11. +1 ... 12 in platinum label SYN was my daily driver for quite a while. Along with an Alex K downstem and you're set.
  12. same here, I recomended it because thats what i had for a while, its real durable but I upgraded to a full size showerhead
  13. i like beakers over tubes because you can get more smoke than you would with just a straight tube

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